11 May 2015

This Makes Me Happy...Spring Walks

Yes, spring walks make me happy. Especially when they double as a learning experience. I will be the first to admit that Science is not my strongest subject. It wasn't when I was a student and it certainly isn't now that I am a teacher to my kiddos. Good thing I am a strong believer that all learning doesn't have to take place between the pages of a textbook! I am always happy when a chance walk leads to an exciting and lovely learning experience. And I am also happy when I remember to bring my camera along. It may seem simple, but spring walks make me happy. Here are a few pictures of our recent after lunch spring walk/science lesson. : )

Oh...I just realized...I can count this for Phys. Ed. Too!!! : )
Happy spring, my friends!


  1. Any activity that is enjoyable that can double up on subjects is a surefire win!

  2. What a perfectly beautiful Spring walk, my friend :) Enjoy your week, Billie Jo! Hugs!

  3. Now that's my kind of learning experience!! And those are the kinds of lessons your kiddos will remember too.

    The color on those robin's eggs is amazing, isn't it? So beautiful. Thanks for sharing ! xoxo

  4. Being with natures is soothing to the soul. Precious pictures.

  5. My favorite picture here is of the lovely blue eggs! Gorgeous color and perfect picture.

  6. Beautiful pictures .....and know you enjoyed the walk....revives us after the cold, long winter.

  7. Wow -- it looks so pretty there! Love when you can combine science, PE + a nice walk and get some photos too! That's what I call multi-tasking! :) Enjoy!

  8. You do live in a beautiful area. So blessed. Those blue eggs are so blue!

  9. Hi Billie Jo~

    Oh my, Dandelions, my favorite flower! I love them, hubby hates them!

    I love that you teach your kids outside - that 's the perfect way to learn in my opinion! Very darling pics!


  10. Your home is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    If it makes you feel any better, I was homeschooled & my high school science was definitely lacking (not my mom's strongest area either ;) yet I was able to graduate from Nursing School with all A's & B's so textbook science is overrated in my opinion too!

  11. Billie Jo, what sweet pictures and I LOVE the one with the birds' eggs in the nest. Such a vibrant blue! Thank you for sharing your lovely spring walk with us!

  12. These are wonderful pictures! And learning through nature is so much better then sitting in a classroom ;-)


  13. The robins nest... amazing! You are so blessed to have a spring walk right there in the middle of the day. And your scenery is spectacular!!!


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