May 18, 2015

Flynn's Dandelions

My Flynn loves dandelions. Really loves them. She calls them her "Yellow Flowers". She waits all year for the few weeks they randomly pop up and adorn our yard. In the middle of winter, she stares out of the window at the deep snow and asks if her yellow flowers will come back. I promise her they will. And they always do.

Many people do not share this view with her, I know. Many people refer to these flowers as weeds. I know myself that before Flynn began to share her love of them with me, I also thought of them as a nuisance or a bother. But she has helped me see them in a new way. They are not something to be upset about or bothered by. They are something to anticipate and celebrate. These bright yellow flowers signal the beginning of a new season...a fresh new start at the end of a long, cold winter.

Dandelions remind me that we all have certain times in our lives...difficult or unpleasant times or situations...that pop up randomly and often excessively. We can choose to view these times as ugly, problematic things that distract us and cause us stress. We can try as we might to rid ourselves of them, but like the dandelion, they always return. Or...we can choose to look at these times as beautiful, vibrant, yellow flowers. We can choose to see them not as difficult or stressful times, but rather as learning situations and chances to rely on our faith and hope for better times to follow.

I now rejoice with my daughter every spring when these bright yellow flowers pop up in our yard. I take off my shoes and run through them with her, thankful for the fact that no matter how long or how cold the winter is, they always return with the promise spring and a chance to begin again.

This past week, we spent some time outside with Flynn's beautiful dandelions, and my Madison snapped some photos so we could remember the joy on her face...

Don't forget to run through your dandelions, my friends!


  1. This is so nice, Billie Jo. We can learn so much from the innocent minds of our little ones. The other day while we walked to the bus stop I began to stop Matthew from blowing the fuzzy dandelions, explaining to him how they just spread their seeds and make more weeds. Then I thought, "What am I DOING???" Blowing those are a right of passage for a child! So I said, "Never mind, you go right ahead."
    So, we'll be right alongside you and Flynn, enjoying those sweet "flowers."

  2. Billie Jo! Do you realize how much she has grown (smiles)? I share her point of view, btw. The house behind us has not cut their grass and they have dandelions everywhere. I love looking at them. Thanks for sharing. Blessings

  3. So sweet! What a great little outlook on those yellow flowers! She's such a pretty little girl - love her headband too -- goes with her yellow flower theme! Have a great week!

  4. How wonderful, such a lovely way to view a yellow flower. Cute little girl and headband, with an amazing insight.

  5. I am with Flynn....those yellow flowers begin to pop up and we know spring is just around the corner. She is so precious and innocent and I wish I could see things again from a child's eyes. Have a great Monday!

  6. Such beautiful photos Billie Jo -and such perfect thoughts to go with them. I agree that life is all about the attitude you bring to it.

    Thanks for sharing and wishing you a wonderful sunshine yellow week ahead! xo

  7. Hi Billie Jo!

    I have to agree with Flynn, I love Dandelions!

    What adorable pictures! She';s the cutest Dandelion of the whole bunch!!


  8. Great job capturing a beautiful moment. We are very guilty of using chemicals to get rid of those "yellow flowers"! Hope you frame some of those!

  9. We don't get rid of ours. Our neighbors probably don't like that...but the kids get so excited to see them and well, your post shows the beauty even more!

    Loved all the photos, love the flower bow!!

    Can't believe it's warm enough there to go's like 42 degrees today here.

  10. Flynn is the cutest and sweetest holding her dandelions and wearing one so beautifully! & Spring in PA looks heavenly :)

    Thank you for the wisdom that was a treasure and blessing to read. Oh, what we can learn from dandelions and all God's creation. What you shared is beautiful and makes so much sense.

    Hugs and blessings!

  11. Billie Jo, love your post! Flynn is so photogenic and looks so sweet in all her pictures. I love dandelions too. I love blowing the little fairy bits. :-)

  12. What great perspective and thoughtfulness in a simple dandelion. Thank you for the reminder to run thru the dandelions and to choose to see the beautiful yellow flower. I have kind of a dandelion patch in my heart over a few things this last week that are making me saddened and anxious. I need the reminder to see the hope and the flower for what is to come.
    My little beauties have a fondness for their yellow flowers too. Today is dreary and cold, but the girls noticed out the window that their flowers were gone. I told them they'd be back and ready to pick just as soon as the sun comes back out. :)

  13. What beautiful photos! Your Madison is very talented! Love your perspective.

  14. What a sweet little lady!!! Great pictures! Enjoy the memories :)

  15. Such a fun post. Flynn is just adorable.

  16. Her face just radiates joy! I love her passion!


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