I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Using chopsticks looks so easy...

but everyone needs a little help sometimes.
Especially from your "Best -Best- Best Friend. : )

And... she's got it!

Thank Heaven for sisters who truly love each other.
And for Chinese Take Out.


  1. Good job on mastering the chopsticks! It takes practice! :) Happy Wednesday!!

  2. Such cute pictures. Love the last two pictures..she is getting so big!
    Hope you have a cozy day!

  3. I have never gotten the hang of chopsticks!

  4. Amen to both, sisters and Chinese take out. She is such a cutie even using chopsticks!

  5. What sweet moments captured! Chopsticks mastery is no easy task! Good job! I do better with the "cheat" chopsticks that has the rubberband and paper at the end :) Happy and blessed Wed. to you! :)


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