Monday, December 8, 2014

24 Things To Do Until Christmas Comes...Number 8

Number 8...Create A Coloring Center

You are never too old to color, right? This time of year, I like to set out some new, sharp crayons with a few cute Christmas coloring and activity books so that the kids...and I...remember to spend some time coloring together. This season passes so quickly, and if these things are shoved in a drawer, I would no doubt pull them out sometime in February and wonder why we didn't use them. Just an extra activity to do together during these cozy days inside. : )


  1. Any time you can spend with your children, is a very special time.

  2. I love to color. So relaxing :) Great idea.

  3. I love coloring. In the thick of grad school I started doing one coloring sheet a day just to destress and regain focus. This is a great idea!! And one I may lovingly borrow.

  4. You know I'm writing all of this down and making it happen in my house the very next day... right?!

  5. I am loving all these ideas! And we're not too old to color! Very satisfying. Thank you!

  6. I remember those Christmas coloring books and the sticker books too! I bought one to mail to Isaac.


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