October 27, 2014

My Current Favorites...Halloween Edition

I love Halloween. I mean really love it. I thought I would share some of my current Halloween favorites. Just in case you love it too. : )

I admit. I am a huge Bath & Bodyworks fan when it comes to hand soap. But when I found these cute little guys, I has to pick them up. Almost made my trip into Walmart worth it. Almost.

Poptarts. Halloween Poptarts. Enough said.

My Flynn's Halloween hairbows...I love taking these out every year. And I love that she loves them too. : )

Love setting these out in a little pumpkin candy dish this time of year. Chocolate tastes even better when it is wrapped in Halloween colors, don't you think?

These are another favorite...I always throw some in my purse. You never know when a certain little lady will need some. Or anyone else for that matter.

I mean really...how cute is this?

And of course...my Yankee candles...The black one is Witches Brew. It smells like black licorice...and the orange one is Candy Corn. It smells like...yep. Candy Corn. They both smell good, but burning together, they smell amazing!

So there are a few of my Halloween favorites.
Id love to hear about yours!
Happy Halloween!!!


  1. Love them all, but I think the candles and gold fish might be my favorites! I just enjoy looking at the different decorations you have for every season or every reason. Happy Monday!

  2. You are one amazing mom, Billie Jo! Flynn's bows are too cute - did you make them?

    And speaking of Pop Tarts, did you see the pumpkin-filled ones? I so wanted to try them, but my hubby wasn't on board. . . :) Have you tried them?

    Enjoy your Monday, sweet lady! Hugs!

  3. Ok I need you to know you TOTALLY got me hooked on Yankee candles...I kept seeing your cute ones on Instagram and when I walked by the store in the mall a few months ago and got suckered into buying one. Then it was so awesome and they gave me some coupons and so I had to go back and get some more. Long story short...I now have an entire shelf of my pantry devoted to Yankee Candles ....hahaha they are so addictive!!!

  4. How fun! We did get the pumpkin flavored pop-tarts!!

    I don't get those kind of mac and cheese's because for some reason, there's less in each box, compared to the regular stuff...

    You are such a fun mama!!

  5. I can't say that I have any favorite Halloween themed goodies. Although, I will always, always love a good Reese's Cup - be it pumpkin shaped or not!

  6. I really enjoyed this. I should jump on the Yankee Candle bandwagon. I always buy a cheaper brand and the smell just isn't strong enough.
    Great ideas here for after-school---pre- Trick or Treating snacking on Friday. The kids will love me.

  7. I always buy that Boo-Berry cereal. Or Count-Chocula...or Boo-Berry...that fun stuff. Other than that..you are really one cool mama!! oh..I also need to make sugar cookie cut-outs with the kids. Bats, ghosts, pumpkins etc...

    Cannot wait to dress up and hit the parties at school and go trick-or-treating!

  8. I love those cute Halloween bows! I bet those candles smell spookalicious! Happy Halloween week!

  9. I LOVE the wrapping on the candy bars. I think we need some of those for our party on Saturday! Happy Halloween week, Billie Jo!

  10. Love Yankee candles!

    I have been looking for the candy corn flavored Oreos that they're supposed to have out for Halloween, but so far no luck.


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