September 11, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

Today I 'm thinking about...

...Delegating. Or rather, my lack thereof. I have a hard time remembering that others are more than capable of doing things around the house. It isn't that they won't do it, or that I think I do it better myself. Rather, I simply do things without thinking. I was reminded of this yesterday, as I was folding a large basket of laundry. Flynn came over and offered to fold the washcloths. In that moment, I realized that I need to start including my children in certain things I often don't even consider. My four year old is indeed capable of folding washcloths. It was helpful to me of course, but even more so rewarding for her. Lesson learned. : )

...Autumn. And how much I love it. I have always been an autumn person, so much more than summer. Apologies to all you sun people out there. I hate being in the sun! Always have. I don't like the heat or the rays or the sweat or the burn. Hot summer days find me inside. With the air conditioning on. Drinking tea. So when autumn rolls around...with its crisp air and cool breezes...shorter days and cozier nights...colorful leaves and pumpkin flavored everything...I am happy. And that is that.

...The big box of freshly delivered cupcakes from our small town bakery. And which one Im going to have with my afternoon coffee. : )

Here are some pictures of this past week in our country home...

My Madison...her first time driving herself to work. Or anywhere. Alone. Such a good sport. She let me take a picture before she drove off. And I will admit, when she did, I thought back to the baby I brought home from the hospital. And then I went inside and prayed Hail Marys until she called to let me know she got there.
Flynn worked hard on a Hop Scotch board...
and it was just perfect. : )
I love to iron. Especially Happy Ironing like Halloween dresses for my girl.
Last Saturday was chilly...the perfect day for coffee and a movie.
Pretty evening sky. No filter. Who needs one?
Autumn mornings. Before Mass. My baby.
She dislikes the sun too. : )
One with her Peyton...
and one with her mommy.
Sunday was park day...
followed by FOOTBALL!
It's back. And we are happy. : )
We celebrated my hubby this week!
My man turned 44!
Happy Birthday to the best hubby and father around. : )
We love you.
And cake. We love cake too. : )
Happy Autumn Weekend, my friends!
Oh...and for the record...I went with the caramel brownie one.
First. ; )


  1. Well happy birthday to your beloved!! Wishing him abundant blessings (especially for the upcoming hunting season ;)

    Chores. As I read what you wrote, I wondered if you noticed a difference now that your kiddos are schooling from home.

    I canNOT imagine my kids not having the chore list they do and homeschooling with their mama. Nothing would get done without all of them pitching in to help me out. I'm so so so grateful for the hard work they do around the house to make it a team effort.

    On the positive, it can only aid in their training for whatever vocation God is calling them to in the future.

    Cute photos! Happy Thursday!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your husband! He is young!
    Those are moments we will never forget...when we brought out babies home AND when they driver away ALONE for the first time...prayers indeed! ok...whaz-up with ironing. I never ever iron!! ever! in fact the ironing board is in the garage. that is cool you "love" it. The food looks yum yum! Happy Autumn. I might maybe might start again???!!!?

    1. Eavesdropping,'ll let us know if you do start blogging again, RIGHT? Or at least have Jamie let us know. Fingers crossed you will. ;)

  3. So many sweet moments in this post. You truly bring out the beauty in the every day happenings. I love that about your blog.
    Happy birthday to your husband. The look of that cake had me drooling; and then the cupcake...oh my goodness!
    You really have me looking forward to the cooler weather of autumn. Your new background is getting us all in the mood for it, too.
    Thanks for sharing, my friend.

  4. Kiddos driving....not looking forward to that!! I know it's exciting and all for them, that makes me happy, but the worrying...I won't like that!

    That cake looks amazing, you must share the recipe you know!
    Happy birthday to your husband!!

    Chores...when I hear what other people have their kiddos do, I sometimes think I maybe work my kids too much, that thought quickly goes away...because they need to know how to do things. It's hard to allow them to help with some things, like cooking...Oh, that one is a hard one for me, it takes so much extra time. I know I need to start having a kitchen helper again..went away for the summer...

    Summer!! Which brings me to your topic of Autumn...I think the Autumn's must last longer where you are or something. Here in MN, the fall blends into winter and well, winter is just too dang long here. I am a summer person. I don't want pumpkin anything til at least October!! We didn't get much summer here in MN though this year. I'm sure that has a lot to do with it!

    So what does the "First Down" candle smell like?

    Love the pictures with your girlies!

  5. I can.not.even.imagine. kids driving. I try not to imagine it. I also try not to imagine the cost of insurance and extra gas either. yikes. She (and the car) are really cute though.

    Chores. I have always had chores (now affectionately called 'tasks' for the older kids) and even now the little girls are acting interested in joining in. I really need to get on that. I also need to get back to having a set time that they get done each day because I am noticing some serious slacking after the summer months. Now that we are a family of 6, I really can't do it all myself. I am on my feet all day, every day and exhausted. I remind them that by helping me with the small things, it helps my day go smoother and I can focus on other things that need my attention. Like, meals. lol.

    Happy Birthday to your hubby! The cake looks divine. YUM.

    Is that Football candle a good smell? I'm picturing something like turf and sweaty socks. No?

    Happy Weekend to you too!

  6. Your pictures look like Fall, I'm so jealous even the outside pictures the air just looks crisp and Fall-like! Flynn did an excellent job on her hop scotch and stop with the delicious desserts all the time. I feel like making cake for dinner now ;)
    I'm gonna need your address so I can send you over my weekly ironing!

  7. just last night i was thinking...why am i the only one doing this stuff!:) yes they love to be included!:) the little ones waaaay more then the big sometimes!!:) haha

    i am a fall girl too and i am OVERJOYED it is finally here.
    everyone was in jeans and a jacket yesterday and i loved it!!

    flynn is getting so big. and madison driving. too much i tell ya!:)

    the cake
    the cupcakes
    need i say more!!

    have a happy day billie jo

  8. A belated happy birthday to your hubby. First car - oh my, how well I remember those days too. Love the pictures you posted. Chores - it is hard to delegate when you can just do it quickly and be done, but they have to learn. You are such a good Mother.

  9. Love watching your babies grow. Fun one driving a big car and one still enjoying playground, chalk and hopscotch. It will be awhile before you'll be in empty nest. Enjoy your time with the little ones. As you know, they'll be 16 before you can bat an eye.

  10. That cake looks soooo good... is that double frosting?

    Sun... I'm right there with ya. I just love a chilly, cozy, oh it's getting dark earlier kinda night! There is nothing like autumn!

    Your girl in her dress before Mass... beautiful

    Your girl in her car... beautiful too!

    Happy Friday!!!

  11. Happy belated birthday to your hubby. I fully understand your sentiments about delegating..Blessings

  12. Hi there Billie Jo! I've been away and am now home. Loved NC and hope to move soon. I've missed your sweet posts (though I've lost weigh due to not seeing your yummy pictures!). Love your weekend pictures & a belated Happy Birthday to your husband! Gina

    new blog -

  13. What a lovely week you have had. I totally know how you feel when your daughter takes the car out by herself. Our baby is now driving around by himself and may soon be driving around a foreign country by himself! Looks like you are all having a great fall. I love the autumn touches to your home in the last post as well.

  14. Oh it did my heart good to pop in this morning…I miss you friend!!! I hope to be able to post again on my blog…soon. No promises…but I'm craving my country, Catholic, down-to-earth virtual friends! :)


  15. Just scrolled through all your posts over the week. You make such a wonderful home for autumn.


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