May 15, 2014

Weekend Plans

I love May weekends, don't you? So much outside time...finally! This weekend we are basically plan free, which is always a plus. : ) Friday we have no plans. Madison and Rhett will both be at the work, and the rest of us are planning on planting our flower pots. Flynn is so excited. It may be more about the promise of a new pair of pink garden gloves though.

Saturday is work at home in the garage day. We are planning on cleaning out the garages and preparing for summer. This usually involves Steve and I pulling everything out of the garages while the kids rejoice over bikes, balls, chalk, and assorted outside items that they haven't seen in least since last October. : ) Then we have Mass in the late afternoon, followed by Steve cooking meatloaf for supper. Now, I am usually the cook around here, but of all the things I make, meatloaf is not one. There is a valid reason for this...Steve's mother makes the absolute. best. meatloaf. ever. Nothing I could ever hope to replicate. So, Steve does his best imitation of his mother's no recipe meatloaf. I will contribute by throwing a couple potatoes in the oven and steaming some broccoli. : )

Sunday, I am planning on brunch before Rhett's soccer game later in the day. Madison works Sunday evening, so the rest of us will finish off the weekend by spending a quiet night at home. And that my friends, is what we are planning for this May weekend. I hope yours is happy and springy and lovely, whatever your plans may be. Thanks for visiting!

Spring has arrived in Pennsylvania...

and we are enjoying it. : )

Our backyard is beginning to show signs of spring...

and this little lady is doing her spring thing too. And yes...I took this picture...from a distance...even though my absolute fear/dislike of birds almost got the better of me...ugh.

One for my Flynn. : )

Who was thrilled to see that her favorite flowers popped right back up after Daddy mowed them away...

What better way to spend Mother's Day than with this guy at his soccer game...

and then home with all my loves and this yummy Dairy Queen cake, made by my very own Madison. With lots of extra chocolate crunch coat, of course. : )

My baby.

And one more Saturday selfie. Because Madison said so. : )

Happy Weekend, my friends!


  1. Maybe I ought not tell you have a fear of birds..we have a family of birds that live in our attic. Yep, let's not go there, shall we..

    Thank you for sharing..I love looking at your photos. Flynn is growing so much. Blessings

  2. Hope this weekend is a good one. With hubby cooking it will be extra special. Love the pictures of Flynn and her flowers!

  3. You look so beautiful, Billie Jo. Great pictures of you. I love the one of Flynn with her hair up and all the little "wispies" falling down around her face. Sounds like a good and productive weekend ahead. Enjoy!

  4. Enjoy your weekend! So glad beautiful weather has made its appearance in your neck of the woods! Beautiful pics, especially the bird photo!!

  5. Good morning, my pretty friend :) Your little one running in the field of Dandelions is adorable and the Robin is just too precious.

    Enjoy your weekend, dear Billie Jo. It looks simply lovely there - enjoy the blooming flowers and warm weather. Hugs to you!

  6. I'm so glad you had a special Mother's Day - you are such a great Mom!!!

  7. Oh I wish Madison was at my DQ so I could ask for extra chocolate crunch coat! Meatloaf, potatoes and a vegetable is one of my favorite favorite meals! In fact, I just decided my Sunday dinner. Have a wonderful weekend. I hope Flynn enjoys gardening.

  8. Suddenly I have a hankering for some meatloaf!

  9. Hi Billie Jo. Happy belated Mother's Day! That cake looks delicious! :-)

  10. GREAT pics of spring out there and the pics of Flynn with the weeds are so cute!

  11. We are still, STILL waiting on decent spring weather. As if the long, horrible winter wasn't enough, now spring just isn't coming either. argh. We get a nice day and then rain, rain, dreary, cold days. :(
    I'm still waiting to plant my summer flowers as temps hasn't allowed it yet and the selection in the stores are awful due to the cold weather. Our weekend includes adding some more rock to our driveway, maybe mowing the lawn for the first time and hubby's building project....a chicken coop!! Yup, we'll be living large. ha!

    Happy Weekend to you!!

  12. Happy Weekend to you too. A plan free weekend are the best, I just don't get many of them. Enjoy yours.

  13. Stopping by after visiting Gina at Lantern Light! Tomorrow is my birthday so I am looking forward to a nice weekend with family. Here in Alabama we are having quite a cold snap but we will enjoy it while we can!!

  14. Your yard looks beautiful. Spring is such a happy time!

    Have a wonderful Saturday,
    :) Hopr

  15. The dandelions, the bun, the selfie, BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Love that it's spring somewhere!! (it's coming here, I know it is!)


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