May 1, 2014

Weekend Plans

The first weekend of May is here! May is always a busy month, which makes it seem to pass quickly...This weekend finds us busy indeed. Friday night Rhett will be at the theater. Apparently a little old move about a certain Spiderman opens this weekend?  He is quite excited about helping out and watching the movie as well. : )

Saturday during the day, Peyton and Rhett are attending a hunter's safety course. Rhett is of course interested in the hunting aspect of it, while Peyton is more interested in preparing herself for the possible Zombie Apocalypse. ; ) In any case, I'm sure those two will have fun. Madison works and I have big plans for Steve and I and Flynn...Plan A...Weather permitting, I plan on putting out the porch furniture, sweeping the porch, and cleaning the garage. Plan B, which at this time seems more likely thanks to rain in the forecast...Tackling our closet. I plan on weeding through some of Steve's sweaters and such, and folding them up for summer. Fun times. Fun times. Saturday evening, I'm thinking a simple dinner of hot dogs on the grill with French fries and fresh fruit. Then, Steve, Peyton and Rhett are planning on attending late Mass.

Sunday, Madison and I will go to early Mass before she heads to work for the day. Dairy Queen gets super busy here when the weather is nice. And even when it isn't. After Madison gets to work, the rest of us will head to Rhett's first soccer game of the season! He is excited and so is his awesome coach. My hubby. : ) Sunday evening I think Steve will cook some chicken on the grill and I will add some potatoes and a vegetable. I bet I can convince my in house baker to whip up a dessert too. : ) Then we will settle in and prepare for a brand new week ahead.

And that is what we will be doing this first weekend of May. I hope yours is happy and sunny and yummy, whatever your plans may be. Thanks for visiting!

My little lady wasn't sure what to make of the chocolate bunny pop she got in her basket this year...

but it passed the test. : )

More yumminess this week...this time, a brand new recipe from my dear bloggy friend Stephanie. She shared the recipe here. And we made them that day! They are delicious. Want a closer look?

Thought so.

Peyton, Flynn and I went to the grocery store last weekend. Flynn was most excited about finding these beauties.

Well, those and this magic marker coloring book. I got it for her. Because every mother knows the grocery store is the best place to but art supplies.

Meanwhile, Steve and Rhett were decked out in camo looking for turkeys. They found none. But had a blast looking.

Sunday morning selfie...

and Sunday evening snack. : )

Happy Weekend, friends!


  1. Happy May Day! I remember as a child, we would pick the gorgeous lilacs and stuff them in paper cone baskets (with handles) that we'd make, put them on the neighbors' door knobs or door ways (we lived amongst a bunch of retired folk) and then run. :) I took the hunter's safety course with my three older girls. We learned a lot! How my husband would love to go hunting up there with your boys!! Enjoy your weekend. I like your Plan A and Plan B. Makes it less stressful. My plan A is finishing planting the flowers. I'm half way done. It was 90 in TX when we were in IL for the funeral. I came back to gorgeous blooms!

    TaTaFor Now!

  2. You are simply beautiful, my dear Billie Jo :) Sounds like another great weekend ahead. Whenever I see your posts in my reader I think to myself, "Really? It's already the weekend!" You keep me on track with the days :)

    That cupcake looks sooo good! Can I have one? :) And your bars look amazing! Way better than mine. . .your's looks so light and fluffy and full of sweet goodness.

    Happy May Day, my friend!

  3. Enjoyed visiting this morning. Your weekend plans are so good....wish I could do as well. But there is only Jim and I at home now, so we 'wing' it most of the time. Have a good Thursday, heading into the weekend my friend.

  4. I so enjoy reading and looking at your pictures (sounding like a broken record). I just love your selfie..very pretty. Blessings

  5. Okay, can I just say??? Where are your wrinkles? How come you have none??? I have the luxury of photoshoping some of mine out but since I know you're not a photo shop girl... I know that's exactly what you look like and you're a BEAUTY! Love your hair too! xo tara

  6. Love hearing about your day to day life, Billie Jo! What a sweet family you have, and your love and serve them so well. Reading your post makes me appreciate all the more the live's we lead as moms, wives, and homemakers. God has been good to us! XO (PS: I just started following your blog! So happy! I tried several times before but it wouldn't let me follow for some reason, said to check back another time. Probably just a glitch with Blogger.)

  7. and your weekend plans. <3

  8. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Enjoy, dear Billie Jo! :)

  9. glad the weather is getting nicer!
    love the may background.
    enjoy that cute family this weekend.

  10. I love hearing about your weekends. They always sound wonderful. I cleaned up our patio last weeks d and set up the table. We even had dinner outside tonight.
    Good luck to Rhett and Steve on their first soccer game of the season.
    I know Nicolas would love to go to the movies with Rhett. As we have said before they are so much alike.

  11. Oh my we love snickerdoodles around here so I will be making those asap!! Great picture of you, hope you have a great weekend :)

  12. You guys are always so busy. I guess we are too, except we never leave the house. Who has the time??? Sounds like a great weekend. Ours will be full of school.

  13. Always enjoy sitting down and reading your posts, especially the homey feel of your weekend posts :) It sounds like a wonderful weekend ahead. Organizing is always fun and so fulfilling to get things put away, whether for winter or just to clean things out. It has sort of a Spring cleaning feel.
    And loved your beautiful pictures :)

    Have a very blessed weekend!


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