May 3, 2014

Notes From The Schoolroom...April 2014

April came and went quickly, thanks in part to the fact that we had an entire week off for Easter. Prior to that we spent a lot of time on The Stations of the Cross and The Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary. I so enjoy and appreciate sharing these special times with my children.

Madison is working almost 40 hours a week at Dairy Queen now, and I am so proud of the learning she is doing there as well. It is not lost on me that while it may seem unconventional, she really is learning a lot at her job which will help her in real life. She is learning people skills, management skills, advertising elements, and training practices as well. In addition, she still has the regular course load of her junior year. She is a hard worker, and I am very proud of her.

Peyton is my steady worker. She has taken off in Geometry, and I am thankful. She lost me back in November. ; ) But really, I am proud of her as well. She always works ahead, and is the first to volunteer to help Rhett with anything he needs. She just completed her last two days of state testing, and said she thinks she did fine.

Rhett is my keep on task guy. He is so animated and entertaining, he sometimes needs a few reminders to stay on task. He does provide comic relief though. : ) He is doing well in all his classes. Science still seems to be a favorite, and he does really well in Spanish too.

Flynn is coming to the end of our first year of Preschool. She finished all the letter recognition and formation, and is now reviewing them. She is also reviewing colors and shapes, and is doing well. Except for the part about everything needing to be colored pink because pink is her "signature color." : ) We did  artwork on Wednesday and the Stations of the Cross on Fridays. She also loved coloring each day on her Lenten Calendar.

Things I'm loving...

  1. Spending days with my kids
  2. The relaxed tone to our days
  3. Seeing actual progress
  4. Realizing we only have one more month of school
And not so much

  1. Realizing we only have one more month of school

Here are a few pictures of April in our little classroom!

Our Preschool Corner all ready for April...

where my sweet little student works very hard. : )

She finished her Stations of the Cross just in time...

to celebrate Easter!

We couldn't leave this guy out!

And even though April ended on a cold and rainy note, we thought spring handprint flowers would brighten things up.

And what's school without a few good snacks?

Enjoy your last month of school, my friends!


  1. It doesnt seem possible for the school year to be ending does it? But children need summer and play time, and sleeping a little late time for sure. Love your pictures, the things your children do, thanks to their loving parents. You are so talented. God bless and have a nice weekend.

  2. Well..I can tell you..when we homeschooled, Liam never got summers off, we always toned it down to allow play time or sleep time etc. I was afraid he would loose all that he had learned through the school year..anyways..thanks for always bring a smile to my face. BLESSINGS

  3. Love the Stations of the Cross and I always love your snacks!

  4. I can't believe it's already May and almost summer!!! Where did April go?!
    It seems like it's going to be a great close to the year for your family!
    Congrats on everything homeschool!

  5. I love your little April preschool corner. And Flynn is doing so so well... yeah for her! Okay, so here's the post I want you to do someday.. "how I do it all" like the ins and outs of everything. I know you had to plan and get all the materials for all of those adorable crafts Flynn did as well as keep up with your other 'students'. So when/how do you plan all of the fun snacks, dinners, etc that you do. Are you as calm as you seem to be on your blog? Oh I wish you'd teach me the how. This week I went to the grocery store every . single. morning. (for lack of planning the week ahead... hate when I don't plan) and it wasted so much time. And then I was wondering why I was folding laundry at the girls bedtimes. Ugh! How do you stay on top of it all? Oh please tell us! :) Your cozy home, your sweet ideas, your everything, I love it all!

  6. Those muffins look so good! It sounds like you guys were very busy last month, but everyone seems to be handling it just fine. I still admire you for homeschooling...I wish I had it in me! I hope your May is just as nice as your April was!

  7. So beautiful that you are able to teach them at home. When my kids were in school, there was not structured environment that is being taught now and Christy's friends simply went through the motions, some couldn't cut it in college because they truly weren't being taught. I wish I had had that privilege with my kids. Although I don't know how I could have taught Geometry. Never got it!

  8. You've almost made it through the school year! Way to go! Personally, I'm looking forward to summer and a break. It allows me to recharge, refocus and reconnect as mom and less as teacher with my big kids.
    Madison is so impressive. That's a lot to take on at her age, but as you mentioned full of life skills. Way to go Madison!
    Keep up the good work this last month. :)


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