March 27, 2014

Weekend Plans

Well, friends...this weekend I am actually leaving the comfort of my country home. Yes, I am going away for the weekend with my hubby. When he first approached me about joining him on a weekend business trip, I said no thanks. And then he mentioned it was at a lovely resort. With a spa. And then I began to see the possibilities. A weekend away with my hubby and a spa? Ok, I'm in. And the fact that my dear mother, sister and her hubby are going to stay right here to watch my kiddos made it a win/win situation. My kids love when Grandma and Aunt Margie and Uncle Chris come to stay. An entire weekend with games, movies, Dairy Queen and donuts? Who wouldn't? : ) So that is what is happening this weekend my friends. I will shed a few tears when I leave my kids...yes, I really do that...And then I will remember how important it is for Steve and I to take some time to nurture our relationship as husband and wife. And then I will hit the spa! I hope your weekend is happy, and cozy, and fun, whatever your plans may be!

 Last week we lit our Spring Days candle to celebrate the first day of spring!
And then we closed the curtains so we wouldn't see the snow. : )

I picked these up at Walmart last week too. Because who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies with pink and yellow chips?

And I almost jumped for joy when I saw these!! Yes...Poptarts. But the BEST Poptarts ever. I used to eat these as a child. And an adult. But then they discontinued them. And now they brought them back for a limited time. I may or may not have bought a few boxes to hoard keep in the pantry.

What could possibly make this little girl so happy you ask...

Perhaps a night of this awesome game we played last weekend! It is even better than Hedbanz, because you act out the clues. So fun! Really. Not like one of those games you dread playing. Think Chutes and Ladders...the game that never ends...

More food...Peyton baked these beautiful pies last week for my mom to take to card club. And they were a hit! Shout out to my sweet friend Patty for the best Blueberry Cream Pie recipe ever. : )

My baby all ready for Mass last Sunday. We pulled out the spring dresses even thought it was still snowing!

And one last quick pic...(With some fun IPhone editing)...This is my "I can't believe we all got ready for Sunday morning Mass on time" in the van selfie.

Happy Weekend!


  1. WooHoooo!! Yay. I am so glad you're getting away. I hope you have a great time. Those pop tarts were my favorite too, especially heated in the toaster. Yum. We just bought the regular headbanz game a few months ago and love it. This one looks fun, too. You look great in that photo. So pretty!

  2. Good Morning Billie Jo,

    I love your special spring candle, a wonderful idea. Those pies do look yummy. How nice you have a baker in your home.

    That is a great photo...I thought it was your daughter Madison.

    Your weekend away sound like fun. I know what you mean about missing the children. You have a real blessing in that your family can stay with them and you have no need to worry.

    Enjoy your weekend!
    :) Hopr

  3. I will have to look for those Pop Tarts, we love anything Birthday Cake, lol. --do have fun this weekend. Enjoy the time with your hubby and of course the spa. Blessings

  4. Have a wonderful trip!!! Getting away with just the husband is always a very good thing - no matter how much you miss the kids!

  5. I love your van selfie! I have had a few of those I can't believe we made it to church on time moments too! (But not very many!) Enjoy every moment away. Sounds like your kiddos will be well taken care of, so you have nothing to worry about...just go have fun!

  6. So glad you are going with your hubby and know you will enjoy not only spending time with him, but the spa as well. Your pictures are so good.

  7. Enjoy your time with your hubby! No spring here yet as we are getting 2 to 4 inches of snow today! It is only March in Minnesota. Spring doesnt really come till May. Those pies look perfect.

  8. Your posts always make me smile because there is such a feeling of family fun and joy of being together in them! Your daughters pies look amazing, and Flynn is so sweet in her Spring dress. Haha, getting ready on Sunday mornings is not easy and being on time is even harder- I think I have that same expression when we do get out the door on time, hehe.

    Enjoy your wonderful weekend!!! Sounds so relaxing :)


  9. Have a wonderful weekend away! I am not wait to hear about your weekend when you get back.

  10. Oh yay for you! Have a wonderful, relaxing spa weekend. :)

  11. You lucky woman! A weekend away!! Hooray! Enjoy your time with hubby, it sounds like it will be perfect.
    Oh my goodness, spring chocolate chips and a springtime candle?! How fun. Maybe if I got them both spring would actually arrive at some point here. Maybe.
    And the poptarts, well, I shouldn't say how absolutely delish those look as I was just lamenting my belly bulge. *sigh* Maybe if I just workout a little more I could have just one poptart. :)

    Happy Weekend!

  12. I hope you and your husband have an amazing weekend away and try to not miss those gorgeous kiddos too much!!! :)

  13. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. :) Hope you & your husband enjoy your little getaway.

  14. I love everything about this post. A weekend with your husband? At a spa? Kids in good hands? Spring chocolate chips that I am going to go look for? Pop-Tarts? A pie recipe I would love to have? Family game night? Love it all!!

  15. Have a BLAST! Man, I know how you feel leaving them though... same here! :) Shed the tears and then take a deep breath. The spa will be ammmaaaazing! So happy for you; you deserve it! Enjoy and then report back, k?

  16. Have a great time! I was just thinking how it's been about a year (?) since your last get away! So lucky that you have family that can help you out. Pretty selfie!!!

  17. Hi Billie Jo! Have a wonderful time with your husband. It really is important to spend some time with just the two of you. And a spa? I love massages and facials!
    (I have to say that staying at home with your kids is pretty attractive. I wonder if I could find those PopTarts? Hmm. But my fav was Brown Sugar Cinnamon!)

    Can't wait to hear how it all goes! Blessings,

  18. Hi Billie Joe! Congratulations! I've nominated you for a Liebester Award! Pop on over to my blog for the details! Happy Friday! : )

  19. You are glowing like an angel!! (because you are)

    Little Flynn is looking so grown up for some reason...she must be 4!! (that's what I tell Bridget!)

    Those pies look so beautiful!! I don't make pies...I don't know why. I always think they look so pretty!

    I'm going to have to find some of those chocolate chips!! How fun!
    What does the Spring candle smell like? I'd buy it just for the name!

    I'm so excited for you to be able to get away. You need it. You'll love it. I'd cry too. Tears are a blessing, they show your heart. I love your heart.

    Have a wonderful get-away!

  20. Hope you'll share photos from your getaway! And those pies look delish!


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