March 20, 2014

Weekend Plans

Or lack thereof...First off...Happy Spring my friends!!!!!! No matter what the weather is outside my window, spring is here. Technically. No matter. We have little to no plans this first weekend of spring, so I am not complaining. One more chance to snuggle in our country home and rest and relax. : ) Friday Rhett has plans to be at the theatre helping out after dinner. Which, by the way is our Lenten staple of Tuna and Noodles. The rest of us are planning on attending Stations of The Cross at our church.

Saturday is a free day around here. I am happy to say, aside from a few usual chores...laundry, vacuuming etc...., we really have no plans. Madison works the evening shift at Dairy Queen, so I plan on having dinner before she goes. She is my pasta girl, so I think I will whip up quick pasta side to go with  the chicken that Steve is grilling for dinner. Then, of course, we should get a Dairy Queen treat when we drop her off, right?!

Sunday we will attend Mass and then come home and have brunch. I am thinking pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs, and fresh fruit. After that, I have penciled in a nap. : ) Madison works the evening shift on Sunday as well. They rest of us will most likely enjoy some quiet time and pizza before finishing off our weekend with what else...The Walking Dead. Are you watching yet? Because you should be. Just sayin'. ; )

And that , my friends, is what we will be up to this weekend. I hope yours is happy, and cozy, and spring-like, whatever your plans may be!

Flynn loves the moon...and we caught this pretty sight out our window last weekend.

Also last week, I had a helper during our family Rosary. And you aren't noticing all the lint and puppy hair on my black pants, right? Didn't think so.

Also last weekend...Peyton whipped up this beauty from scratch for our friends. They were just engaged and my sweet friend's favorite ever is chocolate cake. Success. : )

Sunday, I celebrated spring early by treating myself to this sweet little tea mug. : )

And while I was out splurging on myself, Peyton and Steve were creating this...a big pot of amazing sauce and meatballs. From scratch. 'Cause is there any other way when your daddy was Italian?

Peyton is teaching my baby well. I looked over and saw my little Flynn working hard at folding the wash cloths. : )

St. Patrick's Day found us hard at work early in the morning.

We decorated the table...

did some fun schoolwork...

made this delicious meal of potatoes, cabbage, onions, carrots, and bacon for dinner...
(This is actually my lunch the next day...because it was that good!)

and finished off the day with a piece of our traditional lime jello poke cake.

St. Patrick's Day 2014

Happy Weekend, friends!!!!


  1. Hmm..we have the same issue with puppy hair, only our puppy is not a puppy anymore. I told my husband the next dog we get is not going to shed hair where we constantly have to clean. ANYWAYS--Yum Dairy Queen! No spring like around here, currently 28 wc with rain and some snowflakes. About 3 more weeks, then we can discuss spring, lololol. Loved your photos, Blessings

  2. Happy Spring to you, sweet Billie Jo! Excuse me a moment while I clean the drool off of my keyboard - your food does that to me, you know :)

    Enjoy your weekend, my friend...sounds like it will be nice and relaxing. By the way, your mug is too cute!

    Hugs and love to you!

  3. You should always get a treat when you are at DQ! I love a good Brownie Batter Blizzard when they have them!

  4. I actually didn't notice the lint. Peyton makes a mean chocolate cake it looks like, it's beautiful! Your weekend sounds lovely, I hope Spring finds you!

  5. Hello Billie Jo,

    Peyton's cake looks absolutely delicious!

    I, too, am a pasta girl. Yum, yum, yum! I cannot get enough of it! Italian food is my favorite oriental food for me, please (oh, it taste good enough; I just can't get excited about it).

    Love all the festive St. Patrick's Day details and tasty looking food!

    :) Hope

  6. Oh man, the food on your blog. Always the food. Okay and the cute little one named Flynn (like her folding wash cloths... love) I love cabbage, potatoes and bacon. I mean, bacon makes it all taste soooo good, doesn't it? Anyway, have a wonderful 'penciled in nap' kinda weekend! xoxoxoxo

  7. I do love looking at all your photos....such a beautiful trip through your days with those you love.
    Enjoy your Saturday (free day!) Make memories that will last a lifetime....
    Hugs and love to you and yours,

  8. So good to see all of this today. It makes me smile. You sure do these holidays up right (just like Kelli). Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend.

  9. yup..this should be a food blog...because what you make is amazing!

    Those look like great weekend son will be watching for us. I just cant..still so scared!

    happy weekend!

  10. Sounds like your St. Patty's day was near perfect. The decorations and the food were a pleasing sight to my eyes! Whatever comes for the weekend, it will be special.

  11. Hi Billie Jo! Happy St. Patrick's Day (belated) and Happy St. Joseph's Day (belated) too. And finally its the first day of Spring. Phew! Never thought it'd get here.

    Love the green cake, so festive! And I agree that it's great to not have too many plans for the weekend. Sometimes just penciling in a nap is the best EVER! I hope you get to it for sure :)

  12. I always love your Sunday plans...they make me feel normal instead of boring! (haha)

    I mean that in a wonderful, good way, you know that, right?

    Love seeing all the pics from your week and have you shared your daddy's recipe for your sauce?

    Loveyou, have a great weekend!

  13. I've been craving a chocolate cake this week and of course you have to share that delicious picture ;) Your weekend sounds absolutely perfect to me, Happy Spring my friend!!

  14. Billie Jo, my stomach always growls when I visit you. You never disappoint! And that nap should be penned in with permanent ink! :-)

  15. Wonderful pictures and your weekend sound lovely! Can any of those recipes be shared :)

  16. Love the family posts! They brighten my day. I remember a Ladies' weekend when my son was 3 and she encouraged us to flow up balloons, take out the fine china, and make everyday a celebration. That seems to be the way you live. Your happiness and love for your family is contagious!

  17. Your weekend sounds wonderful! And a treat from DQ is a must. Oh the picture of Flynn with her hair down is so cute.

  18. yummy yummy yummy!
    i really shouldn't visit here when i cam craving sweets!!:)
    realaxed weekends are the best!
    and ours looks that way so far.
    spring break starts perfect is that!
    dave made corn beef too, super yummy!!
    love your special holiday tables as always!:)
    have a happy day billie jo

  19. Good Morning to you, Billie Jo!

    I just saw your recent comment and wanted to pop over to see you.

    I meant to tell you yesterday how much I like that photo of the pretty! I am always amazed by the beauty and brightness of the moon.

    Happy Friday!
    :) Hope

  20. Happy spring to you, too, Billie Jo. And oh my, does that sauce & meatballs look delicious. Enjoy your weekend. :)

  21. Well, you know what I was doing when you posted this! Haha. I am relieved to know my weekend will be better than my first day of spring was ;) Have a great one and a blessed Sunday!!

  22. Hi Billie Jo - I love how you decorate for every holiday and have fun food for each one as well. That is a great picture of the moon. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  23. Oh I loved all these pics! Are you guys Irish? Love how you celebrated!
    So sweet!
    And the fact that Steve knows how to make sauce is awesome!!! I need to get Bill to make at least one homemade staple around this house!
    Looks like it was a great week.
    Happy Saturday!


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