March 22, 2014

Scenes From A Movie

One of the perks of impromptu movie watching party on a random, snowy afternoon...

Rhett picked out an oldie but goodie...Baby's Day Out. And this little lady thought it was funny!

And maybe a little bit strange...after all, a baby crawling alone outside in a big city? Looks like she's not buying it either. : )

At least the popcorn was good!

I just love these chilly afternoons with all my littles together with me.
I wish I could make them last forever. : )


  1. Cute pictures of Flynn enjoying the movie and popcorn! I wish you all a happy weekend.

  2. How lovely and cozy! Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. cute. Thanks for sharing..-- The time does fly. We all sat down last weekend and watched the second Hunger Games thanks to the movie channel ($3-5?), much cheaper than going to the movies, it would cost us a mint to go, considering we would have to drive to Rocehster or Buffalo, lol. Again, thanks for makng me smile..hey, the puppy looked like it was wanting popcorn, lol. Blessings

  4. so fun!
    this homeschooling thing is looking better and better ;)

  5. My daddy always said the greatest investment we will ever make is in the lives of our children. So great that you are making that investment with total commitment. I love the photos of your children. So very precious. Thank you always for your kinds words. Someday do individual post for several days on their personalities and the things that are special about them so we can know more.

  6. I love cuddly movie days and I can't believe you guys are still getting snow, we Never even got a winter :(

  7. At least you have a good attitude about the snow. It's 72 degrees here today but they are calling for another snow/ice event on Monday or Tuesday. So. Totally. Over it.

  8. Billie Jo - sooo adorable!


    My husband set up his tripod and attached a phone holder thingie. I recorded with my iPhone. I need to adjust it so it will record landscape instead of portrait. He also downloaded some kind of app to make it easier for me to record. I'll try that out tomorrow.

  9. I love this. Such precious moments at home are such a gift! I feel like so often I forget to stop and think about how wonderful they are as we have them. And how special to be at home with your little ones and create memories. I dream of that someday.

    Blessings! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend :)

  10. Popcorn and a movie with thing in the world...even if the movie is silly!

  11. Oh my, how cute! Great photos, Billie Jo, and even greater memories :) I think today might be one of those days with my little guy since he has a terrible cold :( We usually cuddle and watch old Donald Duck cartoons when he's sick. Hugs to you, my friend!


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