December 19, 2013

Weekend Plans

The last weekend before Christmas is here. Even as I type those words, I don't believe them! My mother always says that Christmas will come, whether you are ready or not. And she is right. So I have learned to stress less and enjoy more. : )

Friday evening is free. I am planning on s simple meal of sloppy joes and French fries before we spend the evening in front of the tree watching a few of our favorite Christmas movies. Santa Clause Is Coming To Town and A Christmas Story will most likely make the cut. ; )

Saturday begins our baking weekend. : ) We are planning on spending most of Saturday with our aprons on baking a few of our favorite Christmas cookies...chocolate chip, chocolate crinkle, snickerdoodle, snowball, and peanut blossoms are on the menu this year. Saturday evening we will attend Mass and pick up a pizza for dinner. No cooking on baking day!

Sunday we will finish up our baking and fill a few containers to deliver to a few of our neighbors and friends. Then I am thinking of a favorite...breakfast for dinner. Eggs, toast, waffles, sausage, fresh fruit... perfect way to end the weekend. : )

And that is what we have planned for this last weekend before Christmas. I hope yours is happy and cheery and cozy and festive, whatever your plans may be! Oh...and no pictures from Madison's Snowball Dance...too much snow! They rescheduled it for January. : )

A little pre Christmas treat for my kiddos...I found these sweet mugs at Pottery Barn.

A simple meal for us girls when the guys were at camp...Amish Noodles...Soooo good!
Simply brown 2 tablespoons of butter in a pot. Add two 14 oz cans of chicken broth and one bouillon cube and bring to a boil. Add a 12 oz bag of uncooked egg noodles, bring back to a boil, cover and turn off the heat. Leave it on that burner, stir a few times,  and in 30 minutes or so you will have some yummy noodles. : )
Thank you Pinterest!

And while we were eating noodles, my eleven year old son was doing this!
So happy for him!

And for Dad...who was even more excited and proud. : )

Zip was busy this week...

and was sure to remind us what this season is really about. : )

We had some snow last weekend...

pretty pretty pretty

to look at. Driving in...not as much. The girls and I ventured out to Mass, and made it home safely. Well, almost the whole way up the driveway. Seems I am completely incompetent without my hubby next to me. We had him on speaker phone, where he calmly told me to put the van in park, put on the emergency brake, and he would take care of it when he got home. See why I married him? ; )

We are all about Christmas here...drinking morning coffee from a Rudolph mug...

and again later while we watch our favorite Christmas movie...

We are having extra special treats for snack...

and we are sporting Christmas clothes around here while we can...

and this one looks way cuter than I do in hers. : )

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!


  1. Your family and whole house is delightful. The baking, the mugs, just everything, even the snow yells Christmas is here! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Billie Jo, I am really enjoying reading your blog. Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us. Your posts inspire me to keep striving for the peaceful, family-centered, and joy-filled life that I desire for my kids!

  3. I am no good driving in the snow either. I prefer watching it from my window. Enjoy your weekend of baking. Is Peyton in charge?

  4. Oh..oh...Bad Zippy for getting into the candy (lol). Just teasing. I just love seeing all my friends who have the elf on the shelf. Just love coming here & visiting. Thank you for making it a second home. Blessings

  5. Okay, I always love everything about your posts but between the Santa Mugs and the noodles - oh my, I just want to cozy myself right in there with your family - you don't mind 11 more, right??

  6. Hello Billie Jo,
    I loved reading your post. Your plans sound great...what fun! I like to keep things simple. I also love breakfast for dinner! Yum! Yours sounds delicious!
    From the look of things, our weekends are going to be similar in that we are going to watch movies, sleep by the tree, snuggle around the wood stove, bake goodies, and keep the meals simple.
    Happy Weekend!
    Oh, and that reminds me...I want to post my own Santa tea set, too.

  7. Looks like another cozy, fun-filled weekend, Billie Jo. I always love seeing your pictures and following along here. :) Especially loving all the Christmas mugs!

  8. I looove your santa mugs! We had some like that growing up and then I tried to buy some for my kids years ago, I found some not quite perfect ones at Vermont Country Store but these are much closer to how I remember ours. Happy childhood memories.

  9. Congrats to your son! Venison in the freezer! I can tell the dad is a proud papa.
    Enjoy some of that snow. Looks so pretty around Christmas.

    Happy Baking. I can imagine your baking is just the best. I did mine all last weekend and visited neighbors last night. My mom comes on Sat. so I need to be ready for Christmas by Friday night!!!

    happy weekend bloggy friend!

  10. I did half my baking yesterday and am finishing today...made 16 loaves so far...those larger families get 2 loaves! (I'll post it later!)

    Cute mugs!
    We watch Frosty...about at least twice a day, my 2 littlest love it anytime! We've even watched it in the summer. We need cute Frosty mugs to go with the show!

    Gosh, I want to try those noodles...maybe today, like right kids love noodles! (who doesn't?)

    Your Christmas clothes are the best!
    I got stuck in my driveway yesterday and my hero (husband) got it in the garage!!! We live on a hill...driveway is really hard to get up. (but not for my husband)

    Happy weekend! I just have Christmas cards left to address and I'm done...except for the special meals we will have on Christmas eve and Christmas day, can't wait!

    God bless your weekend.

  11. OK, I'm back and the kids finished off the noodles! I made it with rotini (it's all we had) and used chicken stock instead of boullion, (it's also what we had) Delicious!! I could probably eat the whole pan. But the kids already did! I plan on opening a can of green beans too....I can eat those out of the can!

    Thanks for the recipe, I'm pinning it!

  12. OH! Those Santa mugs are so so cute! Can you believe Christmas is in six days? This Advent has gone by so quickly. Yeah for Rhett. And when I saw his dad next to him, before I read the next words, I was thinking about how proud that daddy looked! ;) Have a wonderful weekend! P.s. Your snow is beautiful!

    1. P.S. I have been meaning to tell you, I love the kids' Christmas picture :)

  13. I love your Santa mugs! And your noodles sound wonderful and very easy.

    I need to show Nicolas the picture of Rhett...I told him you would be posting pictures this week. How exciting for him and Steve.

  14. Billie Jo, you have a busy weekend planned! I am hoping to bake cupcakes tomorrow and perhaps cookies. What are chocolate crinkles? Those Santas are so cute. I love the winking one!

  15. Love the mugs I went to order them online last week and they are already gone :(
    You are always baking up such yummy treats for your family they sure are lucky. I can't believe it's almost here!! Hope you have a great weekend before Christmas.


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