November 14, 2013

Weekend Plans

November... dear, sweet November...PLEASE slow down! OK, now that I have that off my chest...Friday afternoon we are taking a trip to spend some time with my father. I am cherishing each and every moment with him. : )

Saturday we have no plans during the day...I am thinking of getting out my Thanksgiving prep notebook, sitting down with a hot cup of coffee, and start my list making. We have Mass in the late afternoon, and then are going out to dinner to celebrate my friend's birthday. Her daughter is Madison's best friend, and her son is Rhett's. Pretty perfect. Peyton is going to make a cake for her too. : )

Sunday is party day! We are celebrating my sweet Flynn's 4th birthday with a small party including some family and friends. She decided to go with a Sesame Street theme again and is soo excited. We are having the party this time of year is quite busy and Madison has Confirmation class Sunday evening. And also because Peyton didn't want any interference with her Walking Dead episode. And yes, I'm serious. Flynn's actual birthday is Tuesday and we will celebrate her again...just the six of us. My fave. : )

So that is our weekend, my friends. I hope yours is happy and cozy and yummy, whatever your plans may be. Thanks for stopping by!

Fall baking is in full swing here...a few weeks ago we made this
 Fall Harvest Cake. It is the perfect autumn dessert. Or as you may have seen in a previous post...the perfect autumn breakfast. : )

So what to do with all that leftover Halloween candy? ( You know it is just driving me crazy all piled up in the pantry!) Well, Peyton chopped up some random candy bars and baked some brownies. And they were good. Really good.

Bought myself a new Christmas mug. And started to use it. Because...Life IS good. : )

This beautiful sight is what we woke up to last Friday morning...

and this is what my little ones were doing before school...playing outside in the snow...a homeschool perk we are enjoying this year. : )

My almost 4 year old...all ready for Mass last weekend...

and here she is being really happy because she was allowed to take her new best friend Jingle to Mass. If you do Elf on the Shelf...this is an awesome pre Christmas gift. I got it at the Hallmark store and it comes with this cute note saying that he is not the real Elf. He doesn't fly or visit Santa...he is just a friend to hug. : )

One more autumn treat...Peyton made some yummy pumpkin bars for weekend snacking. And snacking we did!

Here's my little Daryl Dixon...another Walking Dead reference...He and Steve had sooo much fun at camp. No deer...but that didn't even matter. They had such fun together!

And to finish it off...a new hair...Monday morning...schoolroom selfie...

Happy Weekend, my friends!


  1. Sounds like a busy but fun weekend. Happy birthday to little Flynn. I love age 4. She always looks so sweet dressed pretty for mass. Love that your son and husband have good bonding time too. How fun. Enjoy it all my friend.

  2. You are so good at selfies--you always look beautiful...I tried it this week. Didn't work. At all. And I'm not showing them.

    Did you say coffee?

    4 is so fun!! I love the excitement this year compared to 3. They "get it" now!!
    Have a fun celebration--celebrate the whole week!!

    OH, my gosh, with all the cakes and goodies you have around there, your kitchen must smell wonderful!!!

    Is that coffee in that cute blue mug? Love it!
    I saw a similar light blue mug with snowflakes this week, and SO wanted it, but knew if I got it, I'd want coffee to put into it. (resisted temptation--yay!)

    Have a great weekend visiting your dad and celebrating!!

  3. I will be praying for you sweet friend as you visit your dad tomorrow.

    Oh Happy Birthday sweet Flynn!!

    I love love love the picture of the trees in your yard with snow on them....just beautiful!!

    And your selfie picture love it.!

  4. Love your hair, so stylish! And you always, always have the best food over here. My daughter's birthday is also this weekend, where has November gone!!!

  5. Oh my gosh Peppermint Milano's?!?!?! I never heard of them and now I MUST have them!

  6. oh my goodness I totally agree! I wish November, or just this year in general would slow down!
    you will have so much fun celebrating her birthday!
    how sweet. I really enjoyed looking at these photos ;) and man, I really miss when I was homeschooled! haha what a fun picture....playing in the snow together...such sweet memories.
    have a wonderful day!

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  7. Have fun celebrating! Nothing like a 4yr old. They are the sweetest people on earth.
    YUMMY FOOD! there is so much goodness over at your house.
    Love the pic. of the little hunter. We have had no venison to eat here but the boys sure have a good time together.
    It is so nice today in MN..50's and no snow! We have it forever in MN. I like it to come 3 days before Christmas..thank you very much!
    I am already freaking out about getting the family picture done..and Christmas shopping done.
    Happy Weekend Bloggy Friend. Love the new coffee mug...raising my mug of joe high..cheers. also teasing Jamie since she gave ---the best stuff in the world up!

  8. Where do I begin to reply (Lol)--HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLYNN! The treats look so good! Love the cup, and yes, Life is Good. Never have seen Peppermint Milanos..hmm..going to have to look for those. Love the haircut! Thanks for the smiles. Blessings

  9. Okay Peyton... those brownies!!!! To die for I tell you. All of the baked goods on this blog but something about those brownies... I just want one soooo bad!

    What a special weekend for you all! Happy almost birthday Flynn. You are such a sweet little girl. I love seeing you all dressed up and ready for Mass; your mom buys you the loveliest dresses!

    Enjoy your weekend ~ time with your dad, Flynn's party, out to dinner, all of it! Sending hugs your way! xo tara

    PS ~ And now that wouldn't surprise me at all that we both love a walk through a Hallmark shop! :)

    PPS ~ loved seeing the pic of Rhett so happy! Made me smile.. love your family!

  10. Love all the pictures and yummy treats!

    Where did you get Flynn's Thanksgiving looking dress and bow? So cute!

  11. Those desserts…to.die.for! Your weekend sounds delicious as usual. I'm laughing at Jamie Jo's comment about selfies…you do take such great ones. And I was wondering about your hair appointment…looks like it was a good one, beautiful! Love the pic of the snow…your kids playing outside…and your hunter-son! Happy Weekend, friend!

  12. Have a wonderful weekend up there. Can I add, the snow looked pretty "up in your neck of the woods!" Your haircut looks wonderful. It's always so uplifting to have one's hair done, don't you agree? I could fall asleep getting my hair washed in the salon.

  13. Love all these pics! So cozy and yummy!
    I can't believe Flynn will be 4??? Her outfits really are the cutest things!
    I hope it's a wonderful weekend!

  14. Wow, look at all of those yummies! Can I come over? :) You look incredibly beautiful in your selfie and look at that snow - so pretty! Happy Birthday to your sweet Flynn and I agree, November can SLOW down! Happy weekend, friend! Hugs

  15. Hi Billie Jo! Your hair has layers! So cute :) I love that photo of your son all in orange. What fun that he and your husband have that quality time in a deer stand, BRRR! I'm not too sure I'd like it, but its perfect for those boys!

    Happy Birthday blessings to your daughter. How can she be four? And you thought November was going fast, right? (I agree by the way!)
    Have a brownie for me, they look so delicious. And enjoy your weekend party :)


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