June 20, 2013

Weekend Plans...Monsters University Edition

The Weekend is here...and it is the weekend we have been waiting for...Monsters University arrives in theaters! Monsters Inc. is one of our very favorite movies ever...Peyton was addicted to it as a toddler, and now Flynn is as well. One of my most favorite memories is the time we took the kids to Monsters Inc. on Ice. Peyton was just a little thing, and I fixed her hair in ponytails and she looked just like Boo! Finally the prequel is here!

Friday evening, Rhett, my movie lover, is actually volunteering at our small town theater helping out at the opening. He has become very close with the family that runs the theater, even learning how to run the movies. They asked if he wanted to help out, so he is going down after dinner. Dinner will be quick and easy...I am thinking hamburgers on the grill with chips and fresh fruit.

Saturday is quiet during the day...and I am thankful for that. I am thinking of putting some slow cooker cabbage rolls in the crockpot for dinner and then catching up on some small jobs around the house or maybe just catching up on some reading on the porch! Madison and I are attending early Mass since she works at 6:00. After dinner, Steve and Peyton will attend late Mass where Rhett will be serving.

Sunday morning is free. I think I will whip up some French toast with fruit for a late breakfast before we head to the movies at 1:00. It will be Flynn's first time at the theater...and I am hoping it goes well. All she knows is it is Monsters Inc on a big TV with popcorn. And we will see how that goes! Sunday evening is free so I think we will celebrate one of our favorite movies with a Monsters University Pizza party! I hope your weekend is fun and warm and happy, whatever your plans may be. Thanks for stopping by! : )

One more picture of my sweetie on the carousel at Hershey. She loved it so!

My wonderful parents at my dad's Father's Day dinner on Saturday night. He had a big bowl of spaghetti and meatballs...and ate every bite!

Here is my daddy, with me and two of my sweet sisters, Scarlett and Margie. Dad is wearing his Father's Day gift...a Hershey Park T- shirt I gave him just before we went!

Father's Day Breakfast at our house...Steve's favorite...Blueberry Pancakes.

On our way to the soccer game...we won! Here they are with daddy's surprise...an iPad mini...And almost got them all with their eyes open!

We finished up the day with homemade strawberry shortcake made by Peyton. We were so happy to find fresh strawberries at our favorite local spot.

This little lady is sure glad her Peyton is done with school!

Happy Weekend, friends!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful fun weekend! You seem to always have everything planned out, I need to work on doing that. I'm always, like "Oh, we need to eat something, I guess I better run to the store!" Then we end up eating late. I have such a hard time deciding what we will eat for dinner. You'll have to share some tips with me :)

    I LOVE Flynn's dress in that last picture. Did someone make it? She is so pretty and has the prettiest dresses!

    1. I meant to also say that sounds really awesome that Rhett gets to help out at the theater, my husband would love doing something like that, just up his alley. God Bless!

  2. Love this week's pics!!! Your plans sound great. Flynn's outfits are adorable...so glad to find a fellow "bow"mother...who isn't Southern! LOL Precious, precious family pics! I know you cherish those!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what's on our weekend agenda...Monster U!!! Kids can't wait. Flynn's going to do great...Luke's been going since he was an infant! (With daddy's work schedule, I've learned to just do things on my own w/o help! LOL That's meant a lot of babe in tow. You'd be surprised how many young girls no longer babysit...too busy with sports/extra-curriculars. Sort of sad.)


  3. Love all the family stuff that goes on in your life.

    My fav. is the big sister/little sister love. I have that going on here also. Plus the big sister is a huge helper in watching her.

    have a great weekend....seems like you usually do!!

  4. Tell us if the movie is good (though I'm sure it will be!) My kids can't wait until Despicable Me 2 comes out this summer!!

  5. Oh, we're SO excited for Monsters I can't even tell you. We're going tomorrow at 12:40. Can't wait. Popcorn and a giant TV are two of my favorite things. Have a great weekend. :)

  6. Great pictures! Love the one with your dad. We are very excited to see Monsters Inc. here as well. I am thinking of going next week with the kids. I love movie popcorn!

    What are cabbage rolls? I love cabbage and when I lived at home my mom made cabbage stuffed with beef.

  7. Ahhhh how cute is Flynn in that last picture?!?! I wonder if those cabbage rolls are similar to this delicious Polish dish my mother-in-law makes at Christmas time.

    Hope you enjoy the weekend and the movie! :)

  8. Hope you are enjoying your weekend!! I LOVE blueberry pancakes, too. Actually, it is a camping must when we head out door for a weekend. I'm so happy that your dad ate his entire bowl of spaghetti with meatballs! :) Great pictures of your family...all of them!


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