January 6, 2013

What's Inside My January Folder

A new month is here, and that means I pull out a brand new monthly folder! And yes, I really do get excited about that...sad, I know!  As I wrote in an earlier post about my weekly and monthly planning, I keep a basket on my desk with 12 monthly folders tucked inside. The first of each month I pull out the folder and take a peek at what is inside. Here is my January folder...

and here is what is inside...

The first thing inside is the January poem. Every month, I hang a  poem on the bulletin board in the kitchen. This month it is called "Little January".
                                      Little January
                            Tapped at my door today.
                    And said, "Put on your winter wraps,
                          And come outdoors to play."
                                       Little January
                                  Is always full of fun;
                                   Until the set of sun.
                                       Little January
                               Will stay a month with me
                        And we will have such jolly times-
                               Just come along and see.
                                 Winifred C. Marshall

The next thing in the folder is my handwritten list of things to do this month.
 1. New Planner organized
 2. Put Christmas decorations away
 3. Clean good
 4. Kids- Thank Yous for Christmas
 5. Pack away Christmas clothes
 6. Wash and put out Valentines clothes
 7. Begin to look for Valentines
 8. Order supplies for upcoming holidays
                Chinese New Year
                Mardi Gras
                Valentine's Day
                St. Patrick's Day

There is also a Prayer for the New Year and An Epiphany House Blessing
And lastly...a print out reminder of Chocolate Cake Day! It is celebrated every year on January 27!

And that is my January Folder! Happy Planning! 


  1. Father reminded us today there are 20 days in the Christmas season this year, ending with The Epiphany next Sunday. So, that gave me a good excuse to leave the tree up for another week! I enjoy the twinkling lights on dark evenings.

    Enjoy your January celebrations and snuggle down in your flannel sheets! Happy Winter!

  2. SO smart Billie JO! I am always impressed with your organization!

  3. i love your little folders!:) i'm still working on my "christmas next year" list!!:) so many things i want to do better/differently.:)
    and chocolate cake day on the 27th??? who knew! please share that recipe!:)
    have a happy day billie jo

  4. Thanks for the info about the Chocolate Cake Day...you know I'm going to have to celebrate that one! :)

  5. I love your monthly folders and that you have a poem for each month. Thank you for the Chocolate Cake Day info....that is a day we can not miss!
    Have a wonderful Monday!!

  6. I was wonder when you were going to mention your January calender! And how did I miss Chocolate cake day?? I think it is a beautiful idea to bring the children in touch with poetry. Good thinking. And lastly, I noticed immediately that you have the kids write thank you's. Not many parents make their children do that these days...very nice to see. Mine write them out and very rarely receive one themselves. But, I tell them to continue to do what is proper :) It'll pay off in the long run!

  7. I love this; I love this; I love this!!! A friend who welcomes in each new month like it is a present waiting to be unwrapped.
    Blessings to you this January, tara

  8. What? Chocolate Cake Day? Awesome! I feel a new family tradition coming on :)

  9. I love the idea of a folder for each month! I am enjoying your blog this morning as I drink my coffee:) I am so glad you stopped by my blog to say hello! Thank you!


Thanks so much for saying hello!

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