January 3, 2013

Weekend Plans

The first weekend of 2013 is here, and we are still celebrating Christmas! Friday night we are having my parents up for a double celebration. First...Christmas. Because Flynn had a severe case of the flu, the doctor advised us against having my parents up because of their age. So we will be exchanging gifts with them. Friday is also my father's 78th birthday! I am having pizza and wings, a favorite of his, and am making a pumpkin cake with cream cheese icing to celebrate.

Saturday during the day is free. Madison will be should be studying for midterms, and the rest of us will be taking it easy! Saturday evening we will attend Mass, then head down to my sister's for a Christmas with her and her husband. We usually do this Christmas week, but I am glad we rescheduled. It gave the children something to look forward to as they went back to school.

Sunday we have nothing planned. I hope to start my scrapbooking. Or at least organize my supplies on the table to at least fool myself into thinking I started my scrapbooking. If it is not too cold, Steve may take the older kids sledding out behind the house. They are hoping he gets out the snowmobile too! Steve and I make a great team. He is all about outdoor activities, and I am in charge of clothing preparation and refreshments! In other words, he goes out and I stay in, nice and warm! Dinner Sunday will be a yummy lasagna roll-up recipe I got from my blogger friend Patty. The recipe is here.
I plan on having fresh bread and fruit salad too.

Well, that is our weekend. I hope yours is happy and cozy and fun, whatever your plans may be!

Madison and Ryan and some fun winter photos...

I love this one!

Kirby enjoyed the kids being home!

Someone is feeling much better, but she still gets sleepy during the day!


  1. Love all the pics! Merry Christmas and I am happy cute little Flynn is feeling better!

  2. Oh Flynn, you are just as cute as can be matching with your bitty baby! Billie Jo, that sounds like a lovely weekend. Have a wonderful time Celelbrating Christmas with your parents and your sister. I think it's nice when there's a bit more Christmas around after the big day is over. Maybe this time Flynn will be able to be a part of the fun! Enjoy the staying in part of sledding :)

    Happy weekend, tara

  3. Enjoy the continued Christmas celebrating! I love extending the holidays and the extra family time.
    Glad to hear Flynn is better and hopefully all recovered very soon.

    Happy Weekend!

  4. I hope you have a great weekend and that you all enjoy the Christmas celebration! I love those winter pictures of Madison and her boyfriend! So cute!! Glad to hear Flynn feels better! :)

  5. You won't believe this, but I put those lasagna roll ups down for our tomorrow's meal! LOL! Great minds think alike, huh?! The candy cane photo is so cute. Did you realize how cute the candy cane colors go with her blue scarf? We are planning a winter ONEderland party for little miss at the end of the month and are using some of those colors. And then there is Flynn. What a super sweet photo that is! Glad she is feeling better!

  6. Cute pictures! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. first weekend of the year...can you believe it!!??:) that is awesome that you have two more Christmas celebrations coming up. that does stretch out the fun for the kids doesn't it?

    so glad that sweet flynn is feeling better. and her and that bitty baby with those matching outfits...adorable!

    and we are so alike...cold outside stuff and me DO NOT mix! i'm all about prepping the hot chocolate and havinig the warm bath ready!:)
    thanks for sharing your weekend.
    have a happy day billie jo

  8. It sounds like you guys have a busy but fun weekend in store!! I'm so glad your little Flynn is feeling better; I hate to see babies feeling bad. :( Enjoy your extended Christmas celebrations, and Happy Birthday to your dad!!


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