December 20, 2012

Weekend Plans

Well, it is almost here...Christmas! The presents are wrapped and delivered, the cards are mailed, the refrigerator and pantry are full, and we are waiting. Waiting for Baby Jesus ...waiting for Santa...waiting for the joy that is Christmas. Friday evening we have no plans at all, so the kids have requested a Christmas movie night. I am planning on some simple homemade macaroni and cheese with bread and butter for dinner and then some Christmas Confetti popcorn with our movies.  It is popcorn with pretzels and m&ms covered in white chocolate and Christmas sprinkles. Soooo good! We have yet to watch Rudolph this year, so I am sure that will be on the schedule!

Saturday is also free during the day, and I plan on getting all the school uniforms washed so I can get all my ironing done Saturday night. I just love having all the uniforms washed and ironed and put back in the closets before Christmas. That way we don't have to even think about going back to school until we have to! The same goes for backpacks. We get them all emptied and cleaned out and then stored away for 12 whole days! I also plan a quick cleaning day on Saturday. We will dust and vacuum and quick clean the bathrooms to get the house all clean for Christmas. We will attend Mass on Saturday evening and then have a simple dinner of sloppy joes, chips, and fruit.

Sunday is our last day before Christmas Eve, and we have no plans, except the Steeler game in the early afternoon. We finished our baking last weekend, or at least I thought we did until I read this post by Mama Leigh. Now I think we may whip up a batch! They look so good! I am planning on baking a small ham for dinner with some cheesy potatoes. That will give us some ham for sandwiches for Christmas Eve Day lunch.

As I type this, the rain is beginning to fall, and will shortly change to snow. We are under a winter storm warning from now through Saturday evening for 8 to 12 inches of snow! Looks like a white Christmas after all! The kids are hoping for a snow day tomorrow. That would be a great way to start vacation! Well, that is our weekend. I hope yours is cozy, and Christmasy and fun...whatever your plans may be.

Flynn on our way to Grandma's house...

What I've been enjoying with my afternoon coffee this week! A sweet gift from a sweet friend...

Our annual order of these yummy apples came! I order these every year and they are delicious! And I don't even like caramel!

Rhett enjoying an early Christmas gift...thanks Marian! : )


  1. ENjoy your weekend! I still cannot believe that Christmas day is just days away!!

  2. Hi Billie Jo!!! That Santa dress... so adorable! Love it so much! Hey, we just unwrapped the gifts that kids in Scott's school gave him and one of those apples are in it... Anna and I will fight over it for sure... looks amazing!!! Have a wonderful Christmas weekend Billie Jo! ~tara

  3. just read your comment on my blog... that's so funny because I want to go to your cozy country house with the millions of Christmas trees and Christmas mugs to hang out for the afternoon! One of these days I just might!!!

  4. your weekend plans sound so fective and fun! with the perfect amount of chill time thrown in there too!:)
    i know it was all amazing!!:)


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