December 18, 2012

Christmas Baking 2012

Last Saturday we baked our holiday cookies together. We baked five different types of cookies in all, and had fun baking and sampling each kind. After they cooled, we packed some up to deliver to friends and put the remainder in the freezer to enjoy during the Christmas season. This year we made chocolate chip (with Christmas chips), M&M's, peanut blossoms, snickerdoodles, and chocolate crinkle. Yummy!

chocolate chip and M&M"s

peanut blossoms, snickerdoodles, and chocolate crinkles
Guess which ones we sampled most?! : )

All packed up and ready to deliver... : )

Christmas Baking Day 2012...success!


  1. Yum, yum. Looking good! We've done our baking over the last few weeks with much sampling in between. It seems that all the new recipes I tried this year were some variation of chocolate. Hmm...wonder why that is? They have all been keepers though.
    Wish I were closer and we could do a cookie swap :-)

  2. Oh these look wonderful! Wish I lived closer.;)I bet they would be wonderful with an afternoon cup of coffee.
    We are going to do some baking this weekend.
    Hope you are enjoying the fun of this last week before Christmas.

  3. Smells good through the computer! Don't you love it when the girls are old enough to master baking from beginning to end? I have to say, it makes holiday baking so much easier, doesn't it? :) I think we will be delivering ours tomorrow.

  4. Those look amazing! I just love Christmas cookies! Baking them is one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season! :)

  5. Make room over and my sweet tooth are moving in!

  6. These all look so yummy! We are baking on Friday! It's always a chaotic day, but lots of fun!

  7. We did our baking last night.. this year there was not enough chocolate involved. But so much fun to make cookies. It's not Christmas without a day of baking! Yours look super good!

  8. oh yummy!!:)
    we only made two kinds this year...but we still have the stuff to make ritz and peanut butter dipped in of my faves! we still might get those done, if my anti-sugar fast doesn't kick in soon!!:)
    have a happy day billie jo


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