December 6, 2012

Weekend Plans

Well, December is moving along rather quickly, don't you agree? The weekend is here already! We have a quiet weekend for the most part. And I am glad! Friday evening we will attend a Vigil Mass for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Afterward, Steve and Rhett are going to camp for one last visit during hunting season. Steve is really hoping Rhett will be successful in his first year of hunting.

Saturday morning I will not be visiting my father in the nursing home because...He is home!! For good! We found out last week that he is independent enough to live at home with just some help from the wonderful community nurses. It has been almost a year since his brain surgery, and he has made remarkable progress. Our family is truly blessed! Saturday will be a quiet day and then we will attend Mass in the early evening. I am putting some beef in the crock pot early Saturday morning for beef pepper steak and jasmine rice for dinner. Madison and Ryan are going to the Christmas dance at school...The Snowball Dance...and they are eating at a friend's house before. She is very excited and her dress is gorgeous!

Sunday morning I have brunch planned. I am planning Christmas confetti pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs, toast, and fresh fruit. After brunch, we will probably watch the Steeler game and relax. Sunday evening is free. When we have a big brunch, we usually have a light supper like sandwiches or pizza. I will probably be working on my Christmas cards too. Then it will be the usual Sunday night routine of baths, showers, backpack packing, and an early bedtime! Well, that is our December weekend. Hope yours is jolly, whatever your plans may be!

We started our Advent calendars last week. I have gotten these for the kids since Madison was little.

Flynn loves finding Zip every morning. He sure is tricky!

Peyton made a sample batch of Christmas chocolate chip cookies. Because we had to make sure they are good enough to share with the neighbors, right? : )

I took this picture with my phone and sent it to my oldest sister, Mary. She made this darling jumper for Madison when she was three. It is thirteen years old, and I am so thankful I get to use it again!

I was so excited to find these on our shopping trip this week. I thought the girls woukd enjoy making a special treat this weekend. I had never seen these before!


  1. Hi billie jo!!
    yeah...i'm finally first again for a change!:)
    sounds like a wonderful relaxing weekend for you guys with a little fun and Christmasy cheer thrown in!:) first of all, so glad your dad is able to go home!!:) how totally amazing and what a blessing. i know you must be overjoyed.
    we don't have any homemade outfits to pass down unfortunatley but i love when i put something on aubrey her big sisters wore...makes my mama's heart just a wee bit sad remembering though. oh how wonderful it would have been to have them all little at once...but then again i guess they would all grow up and leave at once then too right!!:)
    love those advent calendars.
    do you have any special readings you guys do together as a family? i am always on the look out for those.
    enjoy your very lovely weekend and have a happy day

  2. What wonderful news about your dad!

    Your brunch sounds yummy! Can I come over! :)

    I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  3. Hi Billie Jo! How sweet is that dress and your little Flynn in it? Love it so much! And the hot chocolate brownies, yum for sure! Oh the pleasures of the season! So happy for you and and your Dad. Wonderful news! Wishing you a wonderful weekend, sounds just right! ~tara

  4. Hi Billie Jo, What wonderful new about your dad...god is good! What a special Christmas it will be for your family!
    I have some dresses that were Isabella's and I love seeing them on Juliana. We even have a dress that my grandmother wore that has been passed down through all the girls in the family.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. How wonderful that your father is going home!!! Truly a blessing and at such a wonderful time of the year! Hope your weekend was a good one. It was my first (somewhat) relaxed weekend in a very, long time. Felt good, too! Have a great week ahead!


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