October 11, 2012

Weekend Plans

The weekend already? These weeks are flying right by! Our weekend is busy but starts out quietly. Friday night we are free! No games, no practices, nothing! I have a nice dinner planned of enchiladas and corn. After that, we are planning a Halloweentown marathon. The kids love those movies!

Saturday I will visit with my father at the nursing home. He and his roommate always look forward to my visit. Either that or the good McDonalds coffee! On Saturday afternoon, we have another niece's wedding to attend. She is Flynn's Godmother and I am so excited and happy for her. After the wedding, we need to make a quick trip home because Madison has a game at 7:00. Depending on the weather, Flynn and I will either go or opt to stay home. I am leaning on staying home, but we will wait and see.

Sunday morning we will attend mass. We usually go on Saturday afternoon, but this week we will be at the wedding, so Sunday morning it is! After mass, we will have just enough time to get home and grab a quick bite to eat before heading out to Rhett's soccer game. I am thinking about having a pumpkin coffee cake (that I can make Saturday night)  and cutting up some fresh fruit.  After the game, we will hopefully head home for some rest! I am putting some beef tips in the crockpot on Sunday morning for some Beef tips and gravy with steamed carrots for Sunday dinner and then it will be baths and showers and television time to end the weekend! Well, that is our little plan for the weekend. I hope yours is happy too, whatever your plans may be!

Flynn enjoying the beautiful autumn weather.

Good thing, because a few days later, I was getting the flannel sheets out! Brrr!

Rhett and Flynn in a sweet moment after dinner. (And Rhett does NOT wear those with shorts...those are his soccer socks!) : )

Our weekend sweet treat...our monthly cupcake delivery!

Flynn all ready for mass at Peyton's school. Me..."Flynn, thank you for getting ready so quickly!" Flynn..."My pleasure!" : )


  1. first...i love the phrase "my pleasure!" it just makes whatever you did for them so worth it am i right?!:)and that outfit? how sweet.
    tonight sounds lovely for you. i am heading out of town to camp with janey and her girl scout troop. we always have fun but a night of chillin sounds heavenly.
    what pumpkin coffee cake recipe do you use? i am into pumpkin big time about now.:)
    have a beautiful relaxing weekend billie jo and enjoy every minute of it.

    i just put flannel sheets on the girls beds too.

  2. Hi Billie Jo! Have a wonderful weekend! Sounds busy but fun! The movie marathon sounds like the best or maybe it's the pumpkin coffee cake! Enjoy it all! tara

  3. Sounds like a busy but fun weekend! Your weekends always sound fun! Pumpkin coffee cake yum...would you like to share the recipe? :)
    Have a great weekend~

  4. What a darling picture of your son and daughter reading/listening :) I love those moments, don't you? Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Sunday!


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