Sunday, October 28, 2012

This Makes Me Happy...My Afternoon Coffee

I have been sitting down for my cup of hazelnut coffee every afternoon since Madison was a baby. I began setting aside that special little time for myself when she was old enough to take a regularly scheduled nap every afternoon. Even though it has been almost 16 years ago,  I remember covering her up in her crib and patting her back and tiptoeing out of her room and thinking of all the things I could accomplish while she was asleep... running the laundry, picking up the tv room, writing out bills...and then I remember, just as if it were yesterday, thinking... what if I took a break? What if I let all those things go for a few moments and relaxed with a cup of coffee? Wouldn't all those tasks still be there waiting for me? And wouldn't it be nice if I were rested and refreshed just like she was after her nap?

And after 16 years and 3 more sweet babies later, I have the same answer. Yes. I feel better when I take care of myself. I need a few moments in the day to take care of me. How can I be there for them if I am not caring for myself first? Now... thanks to my OCD mindset...this is not always an easy task. There are days when my mind races with things that could be done, but fortunately the thought of my steaming cup of coffee wins out. Sometimes I sit and look at magazines that I have saved up or read a chapter in my book, or even just look out the window and think. Simple, I know. My afternoon coffee makes me happy.


  1. It sounds refreshing to me. Everyday I "save" my lunch for when the girls go down for their nap. It is the only time of the day that I can eat in peace, and for some reason it means so much to me to be able to enjoy my food!

  2. Okay... that's it! I'm sitting down to read or flip through a magazine every day with my small pot of tea. It's all set up and ready but I rarely do make myself that afternoon pot. I think the perfect time would be just the half hour before pick them up at school. Usually I run around during that time getting the house all picked up but I should do that first thing after I drop them off. I'll let you know how it goes. Lovely post Billie Jo... hope you're weathering the storm okay... thinking of you! tara

  3. Good for you! I love to do that girl loves cappuccino so we bought some instant...not that great, but still a fun treat. Anyway, I've taken to enjoying a hot mug myself during Luke's naptime. So very good for the soul!

  4. Gosh. I really need to find that time. With swim team practice, I'm finding everything is so rush, rushed. Very little down time. If I do get that time, it comes at night...when they are all in bed. I need to find a non caffeine tea for evening hours.

  5. oh sometimes i really need this and just don't make enough time for it!!:) unless you count my mug of ice cream on the sofa in the evening when the girls are in bed....but i NEED a midday break too!:) i will try to fit that into my day...i soooo know i should!:)
    have a happy day billie jo

  6. I really need to start taking time for myself in the afternoon! Our family's schedule is so weird that I often don't get a chance to just relax in the afternoon.

    I do have some lovely quiet time after the kids go to bed, but I'm usually pretty tired at that point!

  7. Coffee makes me happy too. Thanks for your sweet comment over at my blog. Looking forward to getting to "know" you!


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