October 5, 2012

(Long) Weekend Plans

It is a three day weekend for us! Hooray! The kids have Monday off and they are excited. Our weekend starts with Madison traveling to an away game Friday night. Steve and Rhett usually attend the games, and Peyton, Flynn and I remain here at home. Madison needs to be back at school by 4:30 to leave for the game, so I think a super easy supper is in order on Friday. Like McDonald's drive-thru easy. Busy nights call for desperate measures, I guess! I am also planning on making a special Halloween treat that the kids all love. It is called Spiderweb Munch and you can find the recipe here.

Saturday morning I will be having my weekly coffee visit with my father, and at the same time, Rhett will be altar serving at a funeral mass. Father asked him if he would be interested in serving the funeral masses this year. Rhett does a wonderful job. He is very serious about it and I am thankful Father asked him to assist him in these special masses. Saturday afternoon is blissfully empty. I am seriously considering scheduling a nap! Or making my monthly trip to Walmart. Hmmmmm, tough call. : ) After mass on Saturday evening, I am planning Crockpot BBQ sandwiches. They are very easy and very good! Then it will probably be jammies, the television, and my ironing board!

Sunday Rhett has an away soccer match in the early afternoon. We all plan on attending and then getting pizza at this cute little place on the way home. They have the best pizza there! I am excited just thinking about it! Sunday night will be a quiet evening at home. Madison may have some friends over. They are a nice, fun group of girls, and I am happy they like to "hang out" here.

Monday is our annual Family Fun Day! Weather permitting, we plan on spending the day at a local State Park. We have been doing this since Madison was little and it has become a favorite family tradition. We keep it simple, just order a pizza and make cupcakes or brownies to take along. The kids play on the big playground and we always take a long walk. Then we take a ride through the mountain and look at the beautiful leaves. It is a fun, quiet family day that we have come to love. So that is what we have planned for this October weekend. Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well, whatever your plans may be!

Flynn and I at the wedding last weekend. Clearly she is more interested in her cookie than getting a picture with me.

How happy am I to have Little People back in my life again?

The beautiful autumn view from my side porch.

Some beautiful trees near Peyton's school.

And some more...Did I mention how much I love fall? : )


  1. You have such fun family weekends! I hope you love every minute of it! Those trees are GORGEOUS. I love fall too!

  2. Have a great weekend! I do miss the fall colors of the changing trees. Growing up along in the Illinois Valley along the banks of the Illinois River brought out the best of fall colors. How wonderful to live near (or close enough to) mountains that you can take a day to drive through. Sounds just lovely (and relaxing). Love the view from your side porch and the other shots you shared. We are still lush and green down here. Actually, what I love down here are than some trees do not lose their leaves at all. There is a particular kind of oak tree here that stays green throughout the year. Very pretty (but wasps love those trees, too.) Have a blessed Sunday!

  3. Have a wonderful long weekend. I love your beautiful fall pictures. It is starting to feel like fall here!

  4. sounds like a great weekend! I love the tradition of the family fun day!

  5. Your life seems idyllic! What beautiful views you have. Are you in PA? I almost grew up in Pittsburgh. We were living in Dayton, OH at the time (my dad worked for the govt. at Wright Patt AFB), but at the last minute he accepted a different job offer in St. Louis. Thus I grew up in the corn belt instead of the rust belt! LOL (My grandparents and aunties/uncles are all in Detroit.)

    I love Little People too...but not so much anymore! ;) After 8 continuous years with no break, I'm sort of tired of the little figure! LOL What I do want...that Little People Nativity Set. I think Luke, (2) would love it as well as Mary (8) and Ben (5)!!!


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