September 30, 2012


Friday evening we decorated our country home for Halloween. In case you haven't guessed, I love Halloween! And so do my littles! It was dark and chilly and rainy...perfect weather for spooky and not so spooky fun. (Although not so perfect for Madison to cheer in...not to mention for Steve to sit in!) After the kids got home from school, we carried the Halloween tubs up from storage and got to work. Here are some pictures of our  Halloween decorating evening!

A favorite decoration. It hangs near my desk.

My newest favorite...a gift from my mother...I love it!

The reading corner in the hearth room.

Our Halloween book basket.

Our very favorite Halloween book ever!

A little surprise I got for the kids...

Another Halloween gift from a sister. He sits next to our DVD bucket.

Some of our favorite fun!

Some other favorites : )

After we finished decorating, we had candy corn pizza for dinner...

And Halloween brownies for dessert!

Flynn was excited about her pumpkin cup.

And that is how we dressed up our country home for Halloween.  Hope you all have a frightfully fun October! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your Halloween decorations are so adorable! I especially love the candy corn pizza. What a cute idea. I like the blog background update too :)

  2. You have the cutest Halloween decor! I love the pizza! I hope that one day I can be as organized as you and be able to pull off those cute ideas!

  3. that photo of Flynn is so cute!!!

  4. So cute! I love that you had a Halloween decorating evening! I like your seasonal blog background too! :)

  5. Your decorations are adorable, and I love the cups and themed food! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow! What cute decorating for your country home. I just keep everything harvest/fall and that is about it. Nice work!

  7. Oh Oh Oh... I adore your reading area with the pillow on the rocking chair. I did th SAME this weekend! I didn't finish decorating for Halloween yet but started with the girls little reading corner! Oh how I wish we lived next door. Wouldn't it be fun to have hot cider together?! Happy Monday my friend, tara

  8. Love your decorations Bilie Jo! Such a fun dinner! I also love the vintage pictures on the side of your blog!
    Have a wonderful Monday!

  9. big pumpkin???? favorite halloween book EVER!:)
    the song taht plays through my head constantly for 31+ days!:0 haha...and she pulled and she tugged and she pulled...anyway! (people think i'm nuts i'm sure!)
    love it all billie jo.
    now if i could just get my act together and take some fall photos around here!!:0
    have a happy night


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