November 15, 2023

This Or That...Thanksgiving Edition


Just wondering where you stand on these very important issues...

Do you prefer white meat or dark?

Does your turkey get juicy in a cooking bag or not?

Is the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on at your house, or is it football all day?

Do you eat your special meal at lunchtime or later in the day?

Paper plates or the good stuff?

Do you get dressed up for dinner, or is it casual? 

And, for the most important one of all...Pumpkin pie or Apple pie?

My answers are down below!
Happy Wednesday!

For the record, my answers are...

Dark meat. Only and forever.

I always cook my turkey in a Reynolds cooking bag.

We used to watch the parade when the kids were little. Now, not so much.

We eat later in the day. I enjoy relaxing a bit before the cooking begins!

It depends on the year as far as the plates. Lately, we have used our fancy plates. 

We do not look Pinterst-worthy when we eat! We are comfy, though!

Pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Period!



  1. Here I go! I like any turkey meat, white, dark...I love it all!
    No cooking bag. I use my big, white, electric roasting pan to keep the oven clear for other things.
    The parade is always on but I'm usually busy in the kitchen.
    We eat around 1:00 p.m. Always. My parents ate then and so did my in-laws. It's tradition!
    I used to use my fancy china but the last two years I bought paper plates at Hobby Lobby and it was great. We usually have between 25-30 people and it makes clean up so much easier.
    Comfy clothes all the way!
    Pumpkin, apple and chocolate. A bit of each please. :-)

    Thanks Billie Jo. This was fun.
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. Dark meat only!
    The chicken is a rotisserie one that my Mom orders.
    No, to the Parade or football.
    We eat around 1:30.
    We use fancy paper plates, but real silverware.
    The dress is casual.
    Apple pie for me and pumpkin for everyone else.

  3. I have been a vegetarian since 1992 but before white meat only
    Through the years until moving away from my home state I cooked in an electric roaster. We used linens and China and Crystal in dining room . I Indiana we did the same at my daughter’s but they cooked the meal. Here in Florida we eat lights organic food with no meat…on China that was mine or paper.. At son and family. We are low key now. I always had the meal around noon. We eat early afternoon. The meal is not important to us anymore. I have finally realized that cooking for days for a meal that lasts an hour…lol. This we play games and are together maybe at St. Pete boardwalk. I do not like pie. My grandsons are allergic to so much so we usually have vegan cupcakes that are to die for from a bakery. Love this blog

  4. Looking forward to another book by you.

  5. Dearest Billie Jo,
    Not being born here, neither having family in the US, Thanksgiving is different for us.
    We often get invited by friends as extended family!

  6. White meat and ham! We sometimes have the parade on but not always. Too many commercials and it's not like in the "old days". We eat 2ish. We gather 12:30 and cook last minute things together. Dress is casual. The important thing is to listen to Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant at exactly 12 noon as the song says! Good china, but we eat on the good stuff every day! Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie, Cheesecake, Birthday Cake and Ice Cream is dessert!

  7. White meat.
    No cooking bag.
    Used to watch the parade but not any more.
    We usually eat between 2 and 3pm.
    I use our good stuff.
    We used to dress up but now it's a bit more casual.
    I love both but for Thanksgiving I eat pumpkin.

  8. Prefer white meat
    Husband does the bird when we are home-does not use bag to my knowledge-we have had it all different ways included smoked and deep fried.
    We have parade on and always football later.
    We eat later in the day usually 3ish.
    Good stuff for plates
    Casual dress
    Apple Pie with ice cream for me.

  9. I'm a vegetarian and I don't like pie. Sigh. We still love Thanksgiving...but makes for boring answers to these fun games!!:)

  10. Dark meat
    We brine our bird now so we don't need a cooking bag.
    Parade in the morning and then a day of Thanksgiving TV shows starting with "Turkeys away" from WKRP. sometimes football later.
    We eat as lunchtime for a couple folks who work 2nd shift.
    Normally everyday dishes. I have enough.
    Casual dress, but you have to wear real pants.
    ALL of the pies. Apple, Cherry, Pumpkin, Pecan

  11. I actually like both white and dark meat
    I can't say since I don't use a cooking bag
    Yes! Macy's Thanksgiving parade is something I look forward to every year
    We usually eat around 1:00
    The good stuff always
    Definitely nice, but casual
    Pumpkin pie always and forever

    This was fun!!

  12. You always come up with the best questions! My answers: White or dark as long as I can smother it in homemade cranberry sauce, I'm the pie baker but I don't think we've used the bag most years (turkey is husband's domain), not so much the parade, maybe a little but yes to the football, later in the day for the meal, usually paper plates but my late mil always used real plates and sometimes I really miss that, typically casual, um...I can't choose between those two pies. Probably pumpkin, then a tiny slice of apple later just to test it. Thanks for this, enjoyed taking a little break to read the answers and provide mine.

  13. White meat
    Yes, to the bag
    Neither - no TV
    We eat around 2
    I have old Fiestaware dishes and we eat on them every day.
    Pumpkin Pie

  14. White for most, dark for hubby. No bag. Football. Late afternoon. Fiestaware/paper for dessert. Casual. Both pies, but pumpkin for me!

  15. Our Thanksgiving is long over of course. We hope to have turkey again in the next few weeks. We love it, white or dark.

  16. Fun post!
    Dark meat for me.
    Cooking bag sometimes...
    No parade, no football either. :)
    We eat around 1.
    Depends on how many - when the whole family comes it 20 some people and paper, but good dishes for smaller groups.
    Casual and comfortable!
    Apple pie for me, or better yet - cheesecake!

  17. Dark meat, but we cook ours when we have one on the rotisserie. I always use an oven bag for Hams and roasts though! The parade is practically the reason for the holiday in our house. We eat at dinner time, perhaps a slightly earlier dinner time like 4. Fancyish plates. Super casual! A sliver of both with Cool Whip thank you!

  18. Any part of the turkey is fine with me and I always use the cooking bags, I put the parade on but no one really pays attention to it and my guys watch football (this year their Commanders are playing the Cowboys so my house will be crazy), the time is usually between lunch and dinner, it's usually our good dishes but there have been years when I've bought some really nice festive paper plates, we keep it casual and I'm an apple pie kind of girl but my husband likes pumpkin.

  19. Oh my these are very important matters as we come upon next week! 😉 🦃
    I am a white meat girl, however I love the dark meat for the leftover turkey noodle soup I make.
    The turkey is not cooked in a bag - I have never done the brining thing either. Matt said he has a tried and true 2 hour turkey recipe that he's going to do next year - so stay tuned!
    I love the parade and always watch it on NBC. :)
    We are a lunchtime (well 1:00-2:00 kinda folks) Love to digest through the evening and maybe have room for a little turkey on a bun with butter to end the night. 😋
    We dress casually nice usually. Comfy but not in pj's. Ha!
    We don't do paper plates but use our everyday dishes - I don't own enough of my old wedding china for everyone...and I just tend to use it more for display in my hutch. 🙈
    But I do have separate pretty dishes I use for Christmas with a Christmas pattern!
    An high five my pumpkin loving Sister on pumpkin pie and whipped cream!! Heck ya! That is my jam all the way. Yum!

  20. *I like both dark and white meat, although dark meat seems to be more tender, juicy, and tasty.

    *My son cooks the turkey every year, and no bag, but he covers it with spices, and butter, and it comes out moist and delicious. He's always been a good cook.

    *My family always watched the Macy's Day parade on Thanksgiving.

    *We always eat in the early afternoon. Can't wait til later to eat. There's just so much good food to enjoy. ; )

    *It's always casual dress and casual table setting. It's all about comfort and cozy in my family. Although one year at Nel's, she set a really nice table for all of us, and it was elegant and lovely.

    *Pumpkin Pie!.....and gotta have the whipped cream too!

    Fun post, Billie Jo, and Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend.



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