August 9, 2023

You May Not Know This But...


I was once able to make copies of these on a really loud machine. One was for the car ignition, the other for the door.

I loved to roller skate when I was younger. I was really good at it too! 

I liked this when I was young.

But I LOVED this! And to this day, I am still deciding if adding the milk or the powder first is better.

Post Malone is my very favorite artist. I listen to his music all the time. He is an amazing singer, performer, and a very humble man. Does his music contain some explicit words? Yes. Can I overlook that? I sure can!

I have a strong dislike for owls. This is the only image I could even look at. I cannot describe it, but their puffy bodies, backward heads, and their....oh... never mind!!! I'm getting grossed out just thinking about them.

I never had a dog growing up. But I had this. And I remember every single thing about it.

I never learned to type. In college, I met a wonderful woman who would drive to my dorm, pick up my handwritten papers and type them for me. Her name was Barb, and she was amazing. I couldn't take typing in high school because I was in the concert band, my one elective class. Looking back, it was unfortunate because I really kind of needed to know how to type. 

I had these exact shoes in eighth grade. I wore them with my Jordache Jeans and thought I was ALL THAT! lol

This is my absolute favorite tv show from my high school and college days. It is so funny and makes me so happy! It is finally available on some streaming and tv channels, and I have loved watching it again after so many years.

Well, that is about it for today!
I'd love to hear something surprising about you, my friends.
Have a cozy Wednesday!


( Google for the fun. )


  1. Well this was a blast from my past. Love it. I had those exact same shoes and I too loved to roller skate. My favorite shoes back then were Candies and Dr. Scholls. I loved the shoes back then. I did take typing in high school but my mom had actually already taught me. Funny memory, The reason I ended up in typing class was because I was kicked out of short hand class after two months because the teacher said I was too concerned about my hand writing and would never make it. No big loss. Who needs short hand anyway??

  2. I had those exact same roller skates! I have not seen those skates for 50 years now, Summer of 1973. Thanks for the memory, brings tears to my eyes!

  3. Oh, I loved hearing about all of this! And I enjoyed many of the same things too! Can you tell me where you can watch Who's The Boss? It is one of my favorite shows. I laughed about the Owl. I've actually always wanted to see one up close, but I get what you mean. I bet you had so much fun playing with the Barbie dog growing up. My mom used to make us hot chocolate with Nestle Quik. And I used to LOVE roller skating too! That's cool that you used to make extra keys on the machine.

    Well, something surprising about me is that I used to transcribe shorthand, and worked in an office as a stenographer. What surprises me is that I still know how to write shorthand today, but knowing exactly what is written is always harder than writing it. ; )

    Loved hearing a little bit more about you, Billie Jo.


    1. Hi Sheri! I finally found Who's The Boss on IFC Channel! Enjoy!

  4. This was a fun trip down memory lane. I used to love roller skating, too, but I had the kind with the key that attached to my shoes. Let's see, fun fact about the past: my first 45 record was Leader of the Pack by the Shangri-Las. :)

  5. We have so much in common! I love Nestle's Quick, even have a box here now! We used to make copies of those keys. I was an excellent roller skater, but had the ones even older than yours. They were platforms with 4 wheels, and you screwed them onto your saddle shoes with the much treasures skate KEY, which you wore on a cord around the neck. I somehow had no idea about the Barbie Dog, darn!

  6. I never did learn to roller skate. I didn’t ice skate often either. Swimming was my favourite sport, in the North Atlantic,

  7. Despite my bone diseases,I skated until my fifties…long story…loved the chocolate quick back in the day…took typing one year for MOTHER. It opened a million doors for me and even won school awards…not even trying. The singer and the show…just can’t deal with language in my music…never saw the show…love love love your blog. I especially like these that tell us about YOU. Keep writing.

  8. What a fun post Billie, walking with you down memory lane! I remember the Nesquick - oh how we loved it as kids, although Mom didn't often buy it. So many things from our past that our kids don't even understand nowadays - some kids don't know what a fax does, or what sound the dial-up internet sounded like! Oh yes, those were the days! Something surprising about me - well, I grew up sewing most of my clothes that I wore. I don't sew many of my clothes any more, but maybe someday I will get back into the habit! Blessings to you dear friend :)

  9. Oooh this is fun. I might have to steal this idea on my blog.

  10. This was an absolute hoot Billie Jo! (I couldn't resist the pun) I had no idea about the owl thing. I just adore them....but I guess I can totally see the backward head thing being creepy. Lol And they typing thing amazed me too! You were very resourceful about it though. 😉 I partly love blogging because I get to keep up my typing skills. 😆 I was terrible on roller skates and always envied those that could do it so well. I swear I had shoes like those too and thought I was so cool. That's so funny!! Thanks for these memory lane moments. They're soooo fun. xoxo

  11. What a fun post!! Loved to roller skate too! Sadly, no roller skating rinks left in my city! I learned to type on a manual typewriter -- gosh am I old or what?? :)

  12. I was a roller skater too and went every Sat for years. Learned the dances and raced too.
    Love Nestles Quick but not the strawberry kind.
    Interesting that you don't like owls.
    I was already old when Who's the Boss was on but my kids loved it.

  13. Posts like this bring up fun memories. I had some sandals very similar to that and I wore them for years and loved them. I did learn to type in high school. My mother insisted that I take that class and I reluctantly enrolled and did not enjoy it, but now admit that it was one of the most useful classes I ever took. It's always fun to read your posts. See you again soon!

  14. Oh the memories! Strawberry milk - I loved it!
    However, I think owls are cute! :)

  15. Billie Jo, I loved roller skating helmets or knee pads, no just scabby knees every summer. We ice skated on the frozen pond/swamp down the road, and at the town outdoor rink. I had those sandals too, I think that was after Earth shoes? Then the up-to-the-knee boots...gauchos...prairie skirts...then Calvin Klein jeans, the ultimate. I love your blog!

  16. As many have already said, this was definitely a blast from the past. I preferred the chocolate Quik. In addition to your list, I also remember adding cloth 2-3 inch ribbon to the bottoms of my jeans. And peasant tops. Great memories.

  17. A lovely post. I used to love my roller boots. They were blue suede and had rainbow laces. Xx

  18. Who's The Boss was my favorite show growing up - I still love it and so does Charlotte! I took a typing class in college, but I have to say I've never been that great at it and I have to "look" more often than I'd like to admit. I'm not a fan of owls either - they are creepy to me.

  19. You brought back memories! Milk first for me. Powder got stuck in the bottom of the glass.

  20. Fun stroll down memory lane, fun post :)

  21. I loved skating and riding my bike and now I can't do either because I have osteoporosis. Those are great memories!

  22. I had those exact roller skates and still wish I could skate now! I guess I wish I had never stopped. I know I’ve already told you I’m obsessed with Who’s the Boss. Lol! I loved seeing what Alyssa Milano would wear in each episode! Great post!


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