May 19, 2023

Photos On A Friday

Hello, my friends. Is it me, or did this week pass in a blur? May is like that. One day we wake up, everything is green, and we realize that summer is just about here! Add to that all the activities that May brings, and it seems like a whirlwind of finishing up some things while preparing for so many others. Flynn and I are finishing up homeschooling for the year, and we will miss it! Some years click more than others, and this year clicked! 

My confidence in choosing a curriculum has evolved over the years to the point that I feel very comfortable teaching the required subjects in a way I know will allow her to truly understand the information as opposed to memorizing it for the sheer purpose of passing a test, and forgetting it as we move on. One of the most wonderful moments of teaching and parenting is seeing your child's eyes light up with understanding and comprehension. We have some great discussions at the kitchen table, and I am already hard at work planning our days for next year. 

Flynn has undoubtedly enjoyed seventh grade partly because she has a classmate. One that seems to make it to class before she does and is always waiting for her to begin.

In other news, I found this little guy this week, 

 which brought back memories of these...

If you have read here for a while, you may remember Flynn's love of these yellow flowers. If not, I wrote a post about it, and you can find it right HERE. And HERE. And HERE. And she brought me one this year too!

Madison took this beautiful shot from our deck last week.

As I was posting it here, this came up on my phone from an app I have, and it fits perfectly. 

(Motivation app)

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends!
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  1. Such a beautiful post full of love. The two students together. :-) We home-schooled for a time too, and just loved it. The photos of Flynn with her beautiful yellow flowers are so delightful and fun. You live in a gorgeous spot. You are very blessed my friend.
    Blessings and love,

  2. I remember those pictures of Flynn with the yellow flowers!!!!!!! Thanks for the sharing those sweet pictures again. And I am so love your beautiful view. One of these days I hope to have a home with a water view. The water brings me such peace. Happy weekend, Billie Jo!

  3. Homeschooling is not easy, but it seems you make it more fun by being so committed and positive. And Kirby is the most adorable student EVER!!! Makes me want to be your student.

  4. P.S. Your deck shot is so gorgeous. It looks like something out of a fairy tale.

  5. First off, that view is like something out of a movie (aka perfection). Second - homeschooling still has my heart, after all these years. I graduated my youngest in 2017 and that added up to 20 years total of teaching my boys at home and I loved every minute of watching them learn. The best was when they would teach themselves, because we allowed them time and freedom to do so. That's the learning that sticks!

    And the 2nd student you have there is adorable and a welcomed addition to the table. I have pictures of Collin doing school at his desk with his guinea pig (Fuzzy). All are welcome :) We had "trampoline" school, "front porch" school, "mom has an appointment, so grab your books" school and all kinds of other school days.
    Then I would spend the summer deciding what to do the next year. I was always more excited than the boys; especially when the UPS truck would come down the driveway with next year's curriculum!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Hi Billie Jo. I am so glad to hear that this year of home school has gone well for you and Flynn. As someone who spends five days a week in a public school, I completely understand the benefits of homeschooling and salute all those parents to undertake and do it well! My hat's off to you. I love the picture that Madison took from your deck. You live in such a beautiful area! P.S. Our state of Utah now gives $8,000 to homeschool parents to help pay for curriculum. I am wondering if your state also does something like that. I hope it does. :-)

  7. hi Billie Jo! A beautiful post!! Oh, the photos are lovely. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. xo

  8. I like photos 📸 you shared. I remember homeschooling years ago and figured out what were the best for our two children. Have a good weekend and stay 😎 cool.

  9. Beautiful pictures, lovely graphic at the end. Have a relaxing weekend!

  10. Who could ask for a better student to share class with?! The pictures are so sweet...thank you for sharing. Get some rest, feet up, tea in hand, good movie...time for some R&R.

  11. You mean to tell me Flynn will be in the 8th grade? Say what? Gosh I am so old, grin. Thank you for sharing and for the many smiles.

  12. The photos of Flynn with the dandelions are so sweet. I loved them all, Billie Jo. I'm glad that Flynn did well with her seventh grade studies. She has the cutest class companion. And that is the perfect quote to slow down, we all need that. Madison's photo is magical.

    Have a happy May week.



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