October 30, 2022

Happy Halloween!

Today is the day! It's Halloween Day! I hope your Halloween is happy and cozy, and spooky! But not too spooky! I am visiting my mom today and taking some special Dunkin' treats for her and her friends. Then Madison is coming over, and we will watch a Halloween movie with Flynn because, in this homeschool, Halloween is a day off! Dinner is a favorite and easy Cheeseburger Casserole before Trick or Treating and the end of a Happy Halloween season!

Friday night was our Third Annual Family Halloween Party! I am always so excited to see the costumes they come up with. I only knew Flynn's since I helped her with it; she looked so good! I will share the pictures, and then below, I will tell you what they dressed as. Can you guess???

Madison and Nicolas with Draper...

Peyton and Chris...

Rhett and Kyrstin...

And Flynn and her friend Bee...

What makes me the happiest is how much these young people enjoy spending time with each other. And how much they humor me when I get going with my games every single holiday.

Once a teacher, always a teacher!
(And don't mind my fuzzy socks. My feet are always cold!)

I served my cheese broccoli soup, traditional mummy dogs, chips, apple slices with dip, and Hawaiian Punch. Because I am fancy like that. But the star of the show had to be Peyton's homemade chocolate cake!

It was as good as it looked!

Well, I hope you have a wonderful Halloween, my friends.
Thank you for visiting!

Billie Jo

And the costumes were:

Madison and Nicolas: Queen Frostine and Lord Licorice with Draper as Plumpy from Candyland

Peyton and Chris: President Trump and First Lady Melania

Rhett and Kyrstin: New York City tourist and The Statue of Liberty

Flynn and Bee: A Plague Doctor and The Grim Reaper

And this year's winners were...

Flynn and Bee!!!!

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  1. What a fun and festive party - and, not too scary. Peyton's cake looks so yummy! I love all the costumes with Peyton and Chris being my favorite, but they are all great! And your dress is so cute! I love your cozy, fuzzy socks. I always wear socks, too. Hope you have a fun, festive day. So glad you are able to visit with your mom today. Happy Halloween to you!

  2. Your family sure knows how to put the fun in Halloween. Happy Halloween!

  3. I saw Madison and Nicolas' costumes on Instagram and loved them there! Everyone else did a good job too! Happy Halloween!

  4. Happy Halloween! Hope you have a fabulous holiday. Loved seeing all the costumes. Seems like you had a fantastic party. That cake looks so good as well. Hope your November gets off to a wonderful start as well!

  5. Oh wow.. everyone look great. Love all the cool costume ideas.

  6. Happy Halloween! You are all such a fun bunch!! I loved the costumes - but Madison and Nicholas take the cake for creativity!! Lol Looking forward to friends coming over and bring Chinese food for us! (bonus) and I'll have hot cider on the stove, spooky goodies for all and the big bowl of candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters. My kiddos many be grown now - but it's still so fun to keep tradition in some way.
    Have a wonderful spooky cozy night my fellow Fall lover!! ๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿงก

  7. What a grand time you must have had...I can see lots of fun and laughter! We have mummy dogs as well, and yep...my feet are always cold, fuzzy socks are a must! Thanks for sharing, Mary

  8. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Loved all of your spookiness!! The cake looked delicious, and the costumes were very creative!! I know this is the best day, so enjoy!! Hugs, Barb

  9. Looks like you had so much fun! I love the costumes and I want a piece of that cake. :)
    I'm wearing fuzzy socks right now!

  10. What an awesome tradition! I love how creative the "kids" were. I guess all but the Candyland ones and the plague doctor. I thought Queen Frostine was Elsa from Frozen. Ha!

  11. That looks like so much fun! And they all look great.

  12. Oh, these are all fun costumes. But I have to say that Peyton as Melania made me chuckle. That was my favorite. And her cake is fantastic! Love Madison's blonde hair too! Your table is so festive with the candles! Fun times all around, Billie Jo. : )


  13. The costumes are wonderful - some very creative ideas. It looks like you all had a fun evening. X


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