January 26, 2022

Things I Like And Things I Don't


  • January snowstorms
  • Twilight Zone marathons
  • Warm showers followed by fresh pajamas
  • Whole grain toast with melted butter 
  • Stacks of books on my bedside table
  • Eating outside on summer evenings
  • Match Game '74, '75, '76...
  • Hot coffee in the morning
  • Hot coffee in the afternoon
  • Swimming in the lake 
  • Swimming in the pool
  • Being home with my people

  • Being hot and sweaty
  • Mint flavored anything
  • Musty smelling bedsheets
  • Playing Monopoly
  • Biscuits...any kind of biscuits
  • Floral scented candles
  • Comedy movies...except Bridesmaids and Mean Girls
  • Grease splatters on my stove
  • Broken glass in the kitchen
  • Ice cream with chunks in it
  • Shopping 
  • Cars and music from the 1970s

How about you?

Billie Jo


  1. Things I like: summer, reading in bed, being with family and friends, holidays, dogs, road trips, ice cream
    Things I don't like: soggy veggies, seafood, my house not being neat and clean, people who yell when they debate a topic

  2. Things I like: English muffins with butter and marmalade, crossword puzzles, commemorative postage stamps, texts from my kids, coffee (hot or cold).
    Things I don't like: windy days, sushi (it's overrated), artificial flowers, dull pencils, bullies.

  3. I love:

    Candles - Apple is my favorite
    Books - reading them and buying them
    The Great British Baking Championship
    Summer, Winter, and Fall
    A screened in porch
    Feeding and watching the birds
    My family - husband, kids, grandkids, great-grandkids
    My 2 dogs and pictures of YOUR 2 dogs
    Your blog!

    I do not love:

    mid century modern decorating
    flower scented candles or "Downy" scented
    Spring - it's too gray, brown, and damp
    Daylight savings time

    Had to quit because I started thinking about the crazy times we're in and all that I don't like about them. I need to stick to the positives! Lol.

    This was fun. Thanks.

  4. Things I like:
    Summer, Sunshine, Warm weather, Call the Midwife, Bewitched Marathons, Adult coloring books, Cozy comfy clothes, sleeping late, hot cocoa and hot tea, cookies, blog reading, Schnauzer cuddles, flowers, birds, walking outside when the weather is nice.
    Things I don't like:
    Winter, feeling cold, snow, gloomy days, clutter, movies with sad endings, anything to do with politics, cable news, swimming, bad manners, Covid.

  5. We are SOOO alike, Billie Jo, except for the 70's. I loved a lot of that music. Our likes are all similar...oh...and I do like playing Monopoly with the grandkids. xo Diana

  6. Things I like:
    Rainy days with books, cocoa and fresh baked cookies
    Letters from friends
    Watching fire in a fireplace or a bonfire
    Ice cold watermelon

    Things I don't like:
    Being hot and sweaty
    anything watermelon flavored

  7. Things I love:
    Jesus time in the AM's, soft blankets, the smell of something wonderful baking, old movies, celtic music, walks along the bay, sunsets, the smell of a campfire, holding hands with someone special, both of my kiddos' laughs!

    Things I don't love:
    the taste and texture of mushrooms, when Ruby doggie has a woodtick, mosquitos, unkind folks, seeing projects to do and no motivation, being sick! certain fabric textures (touching them can make my skin crawl), cleaning the bird cage

  8. I love, having my grandkids (most of the time),diet coke with lots of ice, fresh donuts, shopping, perusing secondhand stores, projects, long walks, vampire movies. I dislike ROMCOMS, luke warm food, not enough ice in my drink, getting chilled, mean people.

  9. I enjoyed reading your likes and dislikes. And reading all the comments too. What a fun way to share.

    I like: art created by pre-schoolers, folding laundry, sunny weather, coffee and muffins from quaint little coffee shops, exercise, spending time with my family at home.

    I don't like: the taste, texture or smell of eggs, being cold, driving, immodest fashions, politics of any kind.

  10. Likes: rainy days, sunny days, fresh snow when I don't have to go out, hearing from my kids, pictures of the grandkids, freshly washed car, books, feeling like a got through to a student, texts from friends, morning exercise, morning scripture study, good comedy movies, treasure hunting in thrift stores, walks with my hubby

    Don't like: driving in a snowstorm, windy days, having a dirty car, being hot and sweaty, rude people, drama and conflict, shopping (especially at the mall)

    This was a fun post. Hope your week is going well. :-)

  11. Fun, enjoyed reading the things you like and don't like. I'll play along a bit :)
    Like: Sunshine, warm weather, fresh flowers, going out for breakfast, conversations with preschool kids, the color green, driving
    Don't like: freezing cold, too many cloudy days in a row, rude/mean people, olives, crowded stores, waiting in line, most canned fruit

  12. I like most things you like, but I don't like swimming or snowstorms! I agree with your dislike list too, except I love all things mint and all biscuits. And I really don't like floral candles either!

  13. This is a fun post. I think I'll have to do it this week or next. We are very compatible with the exceptions of liking January snowstorms and coffee and disliking comedies.

  14. I'm with you on the floral scented candles and being hot and sweaty. Yuck! But biscuits? Biscuits? Come on now, that's just wrong. Who doesn't love a good biscuit slathered with butter? My grandma's homemade biscuits were delicious. We had biscuits and gravy for dinner tonight. We looove biscuits. And I love 70's music. I was a teenager in the 70's so lots of good memories.

  15. Lots on your "like" and "don't like" list are SO ME:) As I get older, some candle scents really make me nauseous. I enjoy a roaring fire in the Winter and sitting by the pool in the Summer. Two of my favorite things:) I don't like scary movies or movies that make me cry! I like hot coffee but only in the morning. I like biscuits but only with Karo syrup:) And 70s music takes me back to some really fun days. OK, I'll stop. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  16. Things I love....
    *The Holy Family and the Rosary
    *Cinnamon spice scented candles
    *Italian food
    *White Snow!
    *My Family

    Things I Don't Love....
    *Rap Music
    *Joined e-mails
    *Skinny High Heels

    I do LOVE your Valentine side bars, Billie Jo! So pretty.


  17. I appreciate getting to know you like this, and I agree with you for the most part on everything! (I do like a biscuit though occasionally.)

  18. Yep - we must be soul sisters as my list would be identical to yours! Are there Twilight Zone marathons on??? I must watch! Take care sweetie!

  19. I remember watching the twilight zone shows years ago. I like snow, rainbows, walking on the beach, eating anything chocolate, hot tea and homemade cookies and biscuits, cameras and a house to live in! What I don't like is coffee, freezing fog, loud dogs, vehicles who have bass loud music...can't hear the music, just the loudness of bass! ARG! Have a good weekend!

  20. Things I like: snow days, rain storms, baking bread, sitting by a rushing creek, planning for holidays, cats, good creamer for my coffee, poetry

    Things I don’t like: seafood, bright sunny days (for real!), feeling rushed, waking up early


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