December 21, 2020

Coffee And A Candle Monday


Good morning, my friends! Well, here we are on the brink of Christmas again. I am sitting in the quiet of the morning trying to take in the fact that Christmas is but a few days away. I want to soak in every bit of this magical season before it is swept away in a swirl of discarded wrapping paper, empty cookie plates, and unlit trees. I want to listen to Christmas songs, enjoy the twinkling lights of the tree with presents carefully wrapped underneath, and feel that magical anticipation like I did when I was young. 

I am sipping Starbucks Holiday Blend with some Italian Sweet Cream creamer today. I have a brand new mug that Steve got me just yesterday as a special surprise. (Just in time for my post today!) The candle is a tiny votive in a little precious jar that Madison brought me from her wonderful time in Denmark. And in the background? A beautiful poinsettia that my brother and sister in law dropped off just to spread some Christmas cheer. 

I hope you all feel some Christmas cheer today, my friends. There is so much happening in our world it may seem difficult to carry on with the traditions we hold dear. Yet in doing so, we may experience the peace, joy, and hope that Christmas brings. And I for one, will appreciate it this year more than ever.

Have a cozy day, my friends.
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  1. Enjoy this lovely week, my Dear...

    🎄 🎅 🎁 ⛄ 🎄

  2. I just love everything about this. The poinsettia, the mug and the candle are just lovely.

  3. Enjoy! I can't believe Christmas week is here already either.

  4. Merry Christmas to you.. enjoy your holidays.

  5. Love the peaceful and relaxing tone of your post. Have a Happy Christmas!💖

  6. I hope you enjoy every blessed moment dear Friend. The sparkle, the joy, the love, the gratitude, and the beauty He brought to our hearts those many years ago. 🌟 ♥️ 🙏

  7. That is a sweet little jar that Madison gave you. And I often wonder, "where does she get her delightful coffee cups?" haha. The poinsettia is beautiful and such a wonderful tradition to spread them around at Christmas. Merry Christmas, Billie Jo. Thank you for being a good blog friend and visiting and commenting. I appreciate it so. May peace and joy be with you throughout the next year.


  8. Gentle hugs,
    and Wishes for a Peaceful
    Eve of Christmas,
    and Christmas Day,
    to you and yours...


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