November 18, 2020

And So It Begins

Christmastime. For our family, this time of year means Flynn's birthday, Thanksgiving, Madison's birthday, hunting season, Advent, and of course, Christmas. So last weekend, I scrubbed and shined, and then we put on the Christmas music and turned our lake house into a cozy Christmas home. I have had the pleasure of decorating several houses during my...ahem...twenty-nine and a half years of marriage...but this one seems special. It is festive, cozy, and warm. But simple. And less cluttered. Which speaks to where I am in my life, I guess. 

Usually this time of year I write about the way we choose to spend our Christmas season. I write that we will focus on house and home and family and togetherness. This year is, of course, different. We are living through a global pandemic. And because I avoid all things political here in this little space, I will simply state that we acknowledge that fact. And while we usually focus on things at home, we will do that even more so this year.

For now, I continue to enjoy sitting with my dogs and my coffee in front of the tree during the early morning hours. I limit my exposure to the news and social media, and to all that outside noise that is our world lately. I think we have a choice to make during this unprecedented time. I choose peace, calm, prayer, and family. 

Have a cozy day, my friends.
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  1. {{{Big smiles}}} I know of plenty of folks who have decided to put up the trees early. Thank you Billie Jo for the many smiles.

  2. I'm looking forward to putting up our tree and decorating next weekend (my husband is adamant that Christmas decorating wait until after Thanksgiving). Hope you enjoy your holiday season! And thank you for the reminder to limit my exposure to the "noise"

  3. I applaud you, my Dear! Might just start doing, a wee bit here! -smile- The mantle is sooooooo bare, after the last decorations "went back to sleep." -sigh- It is really bothering me.

    Sooooooo!!!! Duhhhhhh me!!! Go up to what is now, just our "Storage Area"... Used to be our 2nd story, with bedrooms/bath.... And find some "Sparkle and Glitter"!!!! ✨🎄✨🎄✨🎄✨

    I read that music stations in our area, are already doing all Christmas Time music. -smile- But I prefer, our own long used Christmas music CD's.

    Annnnnd, the weather is cooperating. It is down-right-cold this week!

    Thank you!!!!!

  4. I am choosing peace prayer and family too. Whilst I have made lots of preparations for the festive period our decorations have not come out as yet! Soon....

  5. You are a woman after my peace, calm, prayer-filled, Christmas and family priority loving heart. 🎄❤️

  6. Everyone is decorating early this year. We need the extra dose of hope and good cheer. I will be pulling our decorations out in the next couple of days and I'll rope my husband into the outside decorating this weekend. Enjoy this time of peace.

  7. I love that you're embracing the joy early!! And yes, staying away from soci media and the news is so refreshing too. Without question!

  8. We put our tree up on the weekend when the grands came to visit. I am with you on choosing peace, calm, prayer and family.💖

  9. You choose well, my friend! We will have a quiet Thanksgiving and Christmas her at home - just Charly, Josh and I. I plan to decorate this weekend. I love Christmas and all it brings. Hope you are having a wonderful week! See you again soon!

  10. I am like you, I look at the tree and other decorations and leave tv and politics alone. Have a blessed day.

  11. This is why I love reading your posts so much. You are a positive light! And I am grateful to have this opportunity to read your blog every week!!!!! Have a great day! You definitely helped me get in the mood for Christmas but we wait until the day after Thanksgiving to decorate. I'm so tempted to start NOW though :-)

  12. Those are the best things to choose, Billie Jo.....and the most important. I always love your coffee cups, and this one is so cute. Yes, it's Christmastime! I don't like to write about politics on my blog either. It gets too messy, and like you, I choose to live a calm and peaceful life. I can't wait to see your comfortable and cozy home during the Christmas season. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Billie Jo.


  13. So many people are decorating early and I'm all for that! We've hung lights inside and out, I pulled out the Christmas mugs and we're drinking lots of hot chocolate and we're listening to Christmas music, but no real decorations yet. You've definitely chosen the right things!

  14. Christmas will appear after Thanksgiving this year as always but pretty quick this year.
    Going to be a festive one this year more so than usual. Lights are up outside waiting for Thanksgiving night to flip on and other things will be going up outside too.

    Enjoy the day.

    M : )

  15. You're making great choices. I'm homebound for another two weeks according to the surgeon. I've been home since Friday the 6th of November. No driving. No going places. I've been to the doctors' offices and to the hospital. This is very strange indeed. We watched our local walk through Bethlehem online tonight. They did a great job.

    I hope you find many ways to enjoy the season, it's all about Jesus anyway, isn't it?



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