October 16, 2020

Would You Believe?

Would you believe...
I bring my puppy with me when I go to get coffee?

I actually play around with Snapchat filters when clearly I could be using my time much more effectively?

I actually eat and enjoy the occasional Mcdonald's meal complete with a Mocha Frappe?


I love listening to the music of Post Malone?

Well, I do.
So there's that!
Have a great weekend, my friends!
Thanks for visiting.



  1. I love your snap chat photo! I too love to indulge in a yummy treat from Mcdonalds. It is the simple little things in life that bring such joy. Just like visiting your blog, it is a blessing. Hugs to you friend. ~Juli

  2. 2 hamburgers and a large diet coke for me and a plain hamburger for the 2 pups to share.
    This fall is the most gorgeous in a while or I'm getting out more to see it. Loving it.

  3. I agree, Peggy! It is so beautiful and seems to be lasting longer too!

  4. MacDonald's....oh, now I am CRAVING!

  5. Hi Billie Jo~

    Love that cute collar on Mocha...and who doesn't love a McDonald's meal?! Happy Fall!

    Hugs and Love,

  6. I believe all of that and I am happy to be in your company for most of those things. Except no puppy, because of allergies. I love to live vicariously through your pictures of Mocha though!

    Have a great weekend!!

  7. I like to take my pup along when I can, too. And there's nothing wrong with having fun with filters. My Bible study group spent one whole evening playing with them and laughing till it hurt! I don't know that musician, but I agree with the sentiment. Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. haha love it and I enjoy some Post Malone too. I was just listening to him last night and my oldest was like, "mom can you listen to something else?" :)

  9. Hi Billie Jo- I enjoy McDonalds cheese burgers and fries for lunch every now and then too. I put some of my fries on my burger, under the hamburger. Give it a try sometime! This was a fun post. Have a good weekend.

  10. Mocha's little Halloween collar is so cute. That is my favorite meal from McDonalds, but I usually get mine with a Dr. Pepper. But I love their Frappes, they are so good! One of our favorite things to do as a family is to sit around and listen to music. We like all different types. NF, Ed Sheeran, and Imagine Dragons are some of our favorites.

  11. Oh, I've been craving McDonald's lately (big mac, fries, and a coke). I wondered who that picture was at first, and then you mentioned you were playing around with the photos. Your puppy is so cute and looks like she's having a great time driving with you to get coffee. And her collars get to me every time. They're darling.


  12. Love and relate to you on everyone of these points my soul sister!! ♥️

  13. oh now I'm craving McDonalds yum. I always get the 2 cheeseburger meal, give the drink to my hubby and share the fries with my son.
    I believe you take Mocha but Post Malone... things that make you go hum hee hee

  14. I'd love to see you and your puppy out and about. :)


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