October 25, 2020

Planning And Playing


Hello, my friends! Happy Monday of Halloween Week! Someone asked about my planner, so I thought I would share a few pictures with you this morning. I have tried several different planners and always come back to this one. It is a Happy Planner and is available at craft stores as well as Amazon. I find my seasonal stickers and paperclips on Etsy, but they are available at craft stores as well. There are so many options, and my humble advice is to keep your selection of stickers to a minimum. Too many become overwhelming. 

I fill my planner weekly, usually Saturday afternoon. I light a candle, pour a  cup of coffee, and gather my supplies. I keep all appointments and things on my laptop calendar, so it is easy for me to write them in each week. I decorate first, then fill in any appointments or plans. I also write in our weekly menu, which I also plan on Saturday, usually in the morning. I add any extra things I want to do or remember, like movies we want to watch or upcoming events I need to prepare for. The last thing I add is an inspirational quote or poem that I refer to every day during the week. I leave my planner on the kitchen counter, so often times my family reads the weekly quote too. I love sharing my love of literature with my people.

Leaving you with some more fall photos! I know, I know! But it is almost over. These pictures were at a little park right up the road from our house. It is beautiful and peaceful and cozy. And the perfect place for some fresh air and exercise on a late autumn afternoon.

I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. Do you have any plans for Halloween? And are you like any others this year, looking ahead to Christmas?? Thanks for visiting, my friends. I will be around to visit with you this evening!


  1. I always love visiting your blog, you have such a good attitude! I'm loving the autumn, even though it's chilly and damp and rainy, it's SO COZY. I am looking forward to Christmas...more than ever!

  2. Hi Billie Jo~

    Gorgeous, gorgeous photos!! I never get tired of seeing yellow, orange and red! Your organizer is really cute, I love the paperclips and stickers. Your menu and movies look like winners!

    Have a wonderful Monday!!

    Hugs and Love,

  3. You always make me smile, Billie Jo. I have to work Halloween until 10, and there is no trick or treating here this year (the city shut it down). I hope you have a beautiful fall day, raining here in the Western Southern Tier of NY.

  4. Those trees are gorgeous! Enjoyed the glimpse of your planner. Love the idea of paper planners but know myself well enough to know I need to be content to go digital and scribble the rest on the wall calendar. Unless things change, we're going to a bonfire on Halloween night. I'll leave out candy treat bags for any kids that come by our house. Not sure what the teenagers plan to do. Hope you have a great week!

  5. The planner is adorable.
    We haven't seen any of the Halloweentown movies but there were two new made by Netflix Halloween movies we watched.. not too fun for the adults but the kids liked them.
    We won't be trick or treating this year.. and the kids school Halloween parties will be virtual.. not sure how any of it is going to work. We'll see.

  6. Oh how I love your planner and the decorations that you add:) The leaves are gorgeous in your pictures. Our leaves are still pretty dull around here, they are falling and we just might not get much color. We don't have any big plans for Halloween this year, boohoo. I will be enjoying the FALL weather coming our way this week. Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  7. Your planner is adorable!! I"m sure your school planner is just as cute! I always loved filling out my planner when I was teaching- I'm sure teachers are all electronic today with their planning, but I would still use paper. It's just more fun! :)

  8. I like the way you plan Lady 😉
    And you know I love the Fall photos. Never enough for me!! It's getting sadly pretty bare here now. I may have listened to a Christmas carol or 2 to make me feel better.
    Not sure what to do about Halloween. Annie wants us to hand out candy so I think I'll prepare for that. Maybe even wear a costume. And a mask of course and maybe even gloves. I think she's going to trick or treat with a gf. Probably her last year, so I hope so folks will be doing it in our neighborhood. I'm for sure going to make the house cozy. Put hot apple cider with brown sugar and cinnamon sticks on the stove. Make spooky snacks and enjoy it to the fullest with my kiddos. Blessings on the rest of your week. Especially Friday! 😉 🎃 💀 👻 🍁 🍬 xoxo

  9. What a cool calendar. So many goodies to work with and be creative. I always get my Mary Engelbreit every year. They're cheerful and fun, and they have whimsical pictures and quotes. I can't get enough of your Fall - it's beautiful around your neck of the woods. The park up the road from your house sounds nice. We need a place where we can think and pray and be at peace. The "little heart happy" quote is wonderful. And your candles always warm my heart. Such a lovely post, Billie Jo.


  10. Great planner!! We aren't doing halloween this year due to the virus, but are already starting to decorate for CHristmas! Usually, I am late for Christmas decorating - but not this year! Have a great day!


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