October 13, 2020

It's OCD Awareness Week!

OCD Awareness Week is very significant to me.  A few years ago I finally sought professional help for the swirling thoughts and compulsions I have dealt with most of my adult life. The illogical worries, thoughts, and fears were so much a part of my life that I felt they were normal for me. I learned to control them and prevent them from impacting my blessed life until I couldn't. Until suddenly, it became too much. 

I spoke to my physician, a wonderful, caring person who listened and didn't judge. She prescribed some medication to treat the chemical imbalance that she felt was a contributing factor to my illogical fears and when that didn't seem to work correctly, we tried another. The medication, along with my amazing, caring therapist who continues to listen and provide me with tools to use when my OCD acts up and threatens to take my mind to a place it doesn't need to go, has allowed me to live without the constant fears that plagued me during my life. 

I used to have an irrational fear of mold in our home. I used to worry that a bump in the road meant I may have hit someone with my car. (Yep. Really.) To me, a headache was most surely a serious medical situation. Raw chicken meant scouring the kitchen for an hour. These are just a few examples of the intrusive thoughts that ran through my mind as a result of my OCD. Is it easy for me to type them out and share them here? No way. Is this too personal to share on the internet? Maybe. But I am. Because somewhere, someone reading this may have some of the same concerns. That person might think there is no help. That no one else has thoughts like that. If I can help that one person, I will try. 

In addition, I often think that if I had another health issue, like Diabetes, for example, I would feel free to write about it here. I would talk about my medication and my symptoms without any fear of being judged or embarrassed. Well, I believe we need to acknowledge mental health as we do physical health. I pray that someday the stigma of mental health is erased and each person will feel free to share his or her struggle without being afraid. 

                                              OCD Info Linked Here

Thanks for listening, my friends.
Have a cozy day!

Oh, and here is a cute, furry puppy to make you smile!


  1. Thank you for sharing this Billie Jo. This sounds like a very scary way to live life. I'm so very thankful that you have found relief through medication and counseling. And hopefully one day, people will feel they can write about and talk about mental health issues as easily as they would write about or talk about any other issue with their bodies.

  2. Oh what a lovely dog. You are good to share your OCD info here. Yes, we more likely would write about physical ailments than OCD so it is good for you to post this.

  3. I so understand, Having adult adhd makes me aware of others frailties. Of should I even call it that? Now I am worried...:)

  4. Thanks for sharing, talking about our mental health is so important! The more we talk about it the more the negative stigma surrounding it will hopefully fade!

  5. I do believe in sharing- especially if you think you might be able to help just one person get relief from their suffering. What bothers me most is when people use the terms like OCD and anxiety when they don't REALLY have those issues. I know they don't mean any harm, but when you actually suffer from those conditions, it's difficult to hear people use the terms loosely. :(

  6. OCD is real and thank you for sharing your life story, as it could possibly help someone out there that doesnt realize their situation.

  7. Billie Jo, bless your heart for sharing this! I think it's healthy and helpful to be honest and open about these things. Anxiety can be so crippling. Thank you!

  8. I'm so sorry you have been going through these difficult and worrisome moments much of your adult life, Billie Jo. Thank you for sharing your heart today. It was a thoughtful thing to do, and it may help someone who is going through the same thing. : )


  9. Thank you for writing this and sharing your story. My 17 yo daughter has OCD and this makes me hopeful that she'll improve.

  10. I have such respect for your vulnerability in sharing this to help others. I am so glad you sought help and you have found ways to help keep intrusive thoughts at bay.

  11. You are an amazing human and this is so important! Thank you for sharing. You never know where the ripples of sharing your story may reach. I'm so happy that you found the treatment that worked to help you feel better too. God bless you my Friend. 🙏


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