04 May 2020

When You Are A Homebody Who Dislikes The Outdoors...

...marry a man who isn't.
And all will be well with your world.

Steve took the kids to camp for a night. There was four-wheeler riding and hiking. I stayed home with the dogs and made dessert. Good times had by all.

* Ice Cream Dessert Recipe right HERE.


  1. Hi Billie Jo,
    I love this post. It's it great when we are married to someone who offsets us. Looks like your husband and kids had a great time camping. I love the dessert you had ready for them. Hope you have a great week!

  2. Yes!! That is me to a t!! I will happily stay home to make the dessert and not do the outdoor stuff. Perfect weekend for everyone.

  3. Day 52 of my isolation. Family drops off food outside the building. They are isolating except for that. Family down south still in isolation. prayers to all of you

  4. That is a great trade off. I love the outdoors, but I would stay home to cook dessert.

  5. Awww, I would love this! I am also a homebody and I value my alone time, which I don't get anymore.

  6. Sounds like a great match. The desert looks delicious, yum!

  7. How is your dessert maker extraordinare, Peyton doing these days? Miss seeing her delicious creations!

    1. Hi! She is doing well! She is spending this quarantine time with Christopher and his family. She is learning how to sew, paint, stain, and play awesome new games. She is doing some baking there too! Thanks for visiting!

  8. Looks like fun to me:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  9. Do you have comment moderation turned on? Anyway, I am the same. I like outdoors as in go outside for a bit, and sit in the sun, mosey around the yard, but Paul loves going hunting, staying in the woods all day long, nope. It's nice for him to go, and I send him with my blessing, because he basically gave up all those things for YEARS on end, when we were having the babies and had small children. We have been doing a three day tenting trip each year with the whole family, and I'm always glad to get back to the running water and my comfy bed. My husband is NOT a shopper, in fact going to the store with him is like a sprint, with blinders on. Get what you came for, and head for the register, while I like to dawdle and check things out.
    Your dessert looks yummy!

  10. My husband too, loves the outdoors and I prefer to stay home! Looks like they had a great time so it was a win-win!

  11. Oh, how good of Dad to take all the kids camping. It looks like they had a great time! The four-wheeler sounds fun! It's nice to see Flynn's sweet smile this morning, and it looks like she has her Dad's smile. Sometimes it's wonderful to have alone time, so I'm glad you got a chance to do that.

    Wishing you happy May days, Billie Jo.


  12. Looks like a good time was had by ALL!!! I'll be joining you and the pups for dessert! : )

  13. Haha! This gave me a giggle. But it does seem like the perfect balance of you both. 😉 I do love the outdoors...however I think I'd be choosing dessert and a good movie with you. 🍨 😋


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