March 27, 2020

Life Now On A Friday

Hello, my friends! I hope this finds you safe, healthy, and cozy in your homes with your loved ones. Our days are different now, as we adjust to a new normal.  Every morning I light our candle, as a reminder that this is real. This is happening, and we will walk through it with light and not fear. 

I have a daily morning coffee date with the news. I don't want to watch it all day long, but I think it is important that I stay educated so that I can share information and reassure my children about what is happening in our world. We are still schooling and walking and napping. We are also cleaning and washing hands, and reaching out to our loved ones through phone calls, letters, and even text messages.

We are also trying to plan and cook well-balanced meals with things we have on hand. Last night it was pork loin from the depths of the freezer, rice, and some fresh green beans. Not pictured is the delicious fudge Peyton made because it calls for no flour or egg! Something this experience is teaching me is the difference between needs and wants. Before, when we were out of something like avocado, sweet potatoes, yogurt, eggs, or flour, we simply got more. Now, we are realizing that because we can't simply run out and get them, perhaps we don't actually have to have them. We are getting better at thinking about what we have on hand and readjusting to find ways to use it. 

And so, here we are. Missing the loved ones we cannot see right now, trying to balance working with living at home, and adjusting to terms like social distancing, shelter in place, hotspots, and pandemic. But also finding a new appreciation for the healthcare workers, government, world, and religious leaders guiding us through this unprecedented time and learning how to slow down and live in the moment while realizing it is ok to do so. 

Stay safe, healthy, and at home my friends.
Thank you for visiting!
Leaving you with a smile.
If you are an 80's teen, you know where this came from!


  1. Your meal looks great. And fudge sounds very good. We're working our way through what we have as well. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. We are also working with what we've got. And we are really focusing on portions as well so we don't have to throw anything usable away. I am making up my menu for next week today in fact. Last week we bought a ham so we had a "fancy" ham dinner with all the fixings, and so we can use the leftovers for other tasty options.

    I also was feeling down the other evening so I made some Risengrød. It is such a cozy comfort food that brought me right back to a good place.

    But we are so blessed really. We are healthy!

  3. Sounds like you and your family are taking it all in stride and staying positive. I love the idea of lighting a candle every day. How wonderful!

  4. I find that I am really concentrating on preparing better and more balanced meals right now, too. It is kind of odd because before the pandemic both freezers were full and I had a lot of home canned goods on the shelves but would be on Pinterest and see some really yummy looking recipes (that required things I didn't have on hand). Now in the midst of the pandemic I still have those two freezers full and shelves full of canned goods but my mind doesn't wander to Pinterest but rather I'm thinking of good meals to fix around what we already have. God is good and He will see us through this. Leaving you here with a :)

  5. Ha! Love the graphic, Billie Jo, smiles. Since I am married to a former Marine, and since we survived Hurricane Katerina and an EF Tornado (that we weren't prepared for), we now are prepared and will remain so on food items. Now, ask me in 2 weeks when the stores are still empty and our supplies of necessary items are dwindling, wink.

    Can I just say, I started off liking our governor Cuomo's daily briefings and now, I am just over it. LOL

    Stay safe and healthy, my friend.

  6. So good to visit with you, Billie Jo! Today was our first day of official lockdown. How sad to not even be able to go for my morning walk...rules are pretty strict. Thankfully, we all have plenty to keep us busy at home during this time, and home is cosy.
    Reminding myself that we need to keep looking up and fixing our eyes on the Lord!
    Sending love and hugs across the many miles.

  7. I bet it is hard not being able to see you mom. Hugs to you.

  8. Yes, it is the new normal, for the time being. I am almost getting used to staying home, and still, I miss hanging out with people. Because of my age I have been staying home for two weeks now, and my sons bring me groceries and leave it at my door. Then we have a chat sitting on my new front yard patio, six feet apart. I looked at some of your other posts and see you have a cute dog or maybe two.

  9. Same here! I am thankful for another day and making use of what I have. The last grocery trip will keep us eating for a while. My pantry is stocked and we can eat out of it for weeks if necessary. We will make it through this TOGETHER and appreciate normal when it returns. I miss people:( Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  10. I think I miss my friends and going out to a store when I want to, the most. I have been in the house for short of a month now and ready for this virus to go away. We are making the best of it tho, with meals, being outside when we can and lots of talking. I like the candle idea too.

  11. I continue to have to work because I am a caregiver for 2 disabled young adults. I go out for essentials with my Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer which I found finally. Tried to make it but couldn't find alcohol. I miss my babies but we facetime alot. What a sweet reminder not to live in fear.

  12. A very good post especially the bit lighting a candle and the news. Well, except for the napping and fudge! I don't do either one.

    Blessings to your family!

  13. Glad to see you are all doing well. It's a difficult and strange time. Take care friend!

  14. I noticed your 'blessed' cup right away and smiled. So very nice. I stayed home taking care of my children for many years, so staying home is second nature to me. This time teaches one to slow down and smell the roses. This world has been in a fast-paced mode, speeding with no breaks, and I'm glad that my daughters are able to appreciate this time at home with their families and little ones. It looks like you are appreciating all that you have in your cozy home too, Billie Jo. The pork, rice, and green beans looks delicious. And what a special thing to light your candle every day.


  15. Amen my Friend! I'm getting quite creative at cleaning things from the pantry cabinet and making it into some sort of meal or snack. Love the Breakfast Club reference! If you mess with the bull you're gonna get the horns. Lol đŸ˜‚


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