When I was young, I dreamed of being a wife and mother. I am blessed to live that dream every single day along with my husband Steve, our four children, one son-in-law and two precious pups.
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Hey there!
Hi! I'm Billie Jo, a wife to one and mother to four who loves all things home and family. During the day I homeschool, do laundry, and drink way excessive amounts of coffee. I would much rather read than exercise, and I am blessed to live the life I dreamed of.
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Christmas 2019

Looking back, it seems like a dream. Those few precious days in December when the world slows down and we gather together in a cocoon of family, food, gifts, music, and joy. Those are the days we prepare for, dream of, and linger in as long as we possibly can. Christmas.

We began with our annual Rudolph Breakfast, just as we have for years and years. The simple breakfast of fresh doughnuts and juice and coffee is really just a symbol that our family Christmas has arrived. This year we held our special breakfast on Sunday, December 22.

Soon it was Christmas Eve! We enjoyed a cozy day together watching Christmas movies, tracking Santa, snacking on delicious boneless wings and pepperoni rolls from a favorite little place around here, napping, and finally, attending a beautiful Christmas Eve Mass. Then we were home, cozy as can be, reading Twas The Night Before Christmas, throwing out carrots for the reindeer, setting out cookies and milk for Santa himself, and finally heading to bed on our favorite day of the year.

Christmas morning arrived, and we woke to a cloudy, cold day. We gathered in the living room and opened the stockings Santa had so lovingly filled. Then, we enjoyed our favorite Christmas meal, our Christmas morning breakfast. I set the table with our special Christmas dishes and served coffee cake, cinnamon rolls, Christmas Morning punch, fresh fruit, and coffee. We lingered together enjoying the beauty that is Christmas morning.

Then, we headed to the stairs and the kids humored me as I gave my traditional speech before they ran down the steps. I told them to pause and really think about the fact that this is the moment they wait for all year long. I asked them to savor this moment because it won't come again for a whole year. They know it by heart, and they love when I say it. And I love that even more.

Finally, the kids ran into the family room on the lower level where Santa set up the presents. There were oohs and aahs and shouts of joy, all while Steve and I made ourselves comfy on the couch to watch it all unfold. I always think that this day is one of the many reasons I love being a mother. And how blessed I am to be able to sit and watch the joy that Christmas brings to my family. Hours later, when presents were opened, played with, tried on and passed around and when wrapping paper and ribbon and chocolate wrappers lay everywhere, we snuggled and rested, and savored the beauty that is Christmas afternoon.

Later, we worked together to prepare a delicious Christmas dinner. We enjoyed honey baked ham, chicken breast, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, and red cabbage. We had fun with the Christmas crackers I get every year, telling silly jokes and wearing paper crowns. Then, we cleaned up, turned out the lights, sat by the tree, and basked in the beauty that is Christmas night. 

Finally, from one of our favorite Christmas movies ever, Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, something I sing to my kids every single year...

When Christmas time is over and presents put away, don't be sad There'll be so much to treasure about this Christmas day and the fun we've had So may happy feelings to celebrate with you And, oh, the good time hurry by so fast, But even when it's over there's something you can do to make Christmas last: Keep Christmas with you All through the year, When Christmas is over, You can keep it near. Think of this Christmas day When Christmas is far away. Keep Christmas with you All through the year, When Christmas is over, Save some Christmas cheer. These precious moments, Hold them very dear And keep Christmas with you All through the year.


  1. I love that you give a Christmas speech. My kids tease me a bit about it, but when we're all together for something, I like to go around and have each person say what they're thankful for, because it's very uplifting, and of course sometimes very funny. Christmas did seem like a dream already. My daughter is leaving today, her flight is in the wee hours of the morning, moving to California...my poor heart is aching. I want them to all stay home, and be little again. I love the peek at your beautiful Christmas traditions. Family is so precious.

  2. Beautiful family and beautiful post!

  3. Awesome!!! Rhett is so lucky! I want a record player, smiles. Hope you have a lovely day, smiles.

  4. Thanks for the glimpse into your family's Christmas! Sounds like a wonderful time. I started doing Christmas Crackers for the breakfast we host on my husband's side, they are so fun! Hope you have a wonderful week and fantastic year ahead.

  5. I absolutely adore your traditions. You’re an amazing mom giving all your kids such a special day. And how sweet are those matching stockings? Happy new year!

  6. Your Christmas celebrations look amazing. Thank you for sharing the photos with glimpses. I LOVE your Rudolph table set up. So adorable! Have a wonderful week! We are back to school and work this week...

  7. It sounds wonderful, I'm glad you had such a good time. Gorgeous china, and everything looks so very cosy. I'm wishing you and yours a very happy New Year. CJ xx

  8. Wow, such a beautiful, family holiday. I love your pictures. Your home is lovely. Your family looks so happy. I love your fun and meaningful traditions. I will be back for another visit again soon. Happy 2020!

  9. Hi Billie Jo~

    What a beautiful post! I can't believe how quickly the kids have grown...it seems like just yesterday they were little! Everything looks like it made for a perfect, Christmas Day! Onto the new year!!

    Hugs and Love,

  10. Thank you for sharing your Christmas celebrations. You have a beautiful family and home. X

  11. What a perfect and special Christmas you all had! I love every single detail about your holiday. I still want to be you when I grow up! It looks like everyone had a wonderful memorable time.

  12. It's all so pretty and filled with so many smiles. I love how your family has grown...

  13. So beautiful Billie Jo and the song, just reading it now makes me a bit teary eyed. I already miss all the magic. Only a year til it comes again!

  14. Everything was so beautiful and 'you' to a 'T'!

  15. Looks like you had a wonderful family filled Christmas.

  16. Such a beautiful post so uplifting to read about your family and all your amazing traditions.

  17. Oh what a wonderful time.
    You have a way of celebrating life that is vibrant and joyful. I love it.
    Our Christmas has changed a lot. It was good though. We didn't have our Christmas dinner until late evening since one of my sons now works in the county jail each night. He came over for presents in the morning, then went home and slept all afternoon. It was a relaxing day.

    God bless you dearie, may you have many many more Christmases to enjoy with your family together.

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  18. What a wonderful Christmas you had.


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