06 November 2019

What Is November To You?

I love November.
We are planning Thanksgiving dinner, listening to Christmas music, burning fall candles, packing jack-o-lanterns and witches away, raking leaves, and drinking Holiday Spice Coffee from Christmas mugs.

We are also embracing the early evenings by gathering together after the dinner dishes are done and watching tv by the fire. Every season has beauty. November's is a quiet, calm anticipation. 



  1. November is awesome because of the slower pace and a chance to catch your breath before all the crazy of December!

  2. I love November also. I love Thanksgiving, my youngest daughter was born, it reminds me to be thankful.

  3. I do love November! It sounds as if you all are keeping cozy. I am listening to Christmas music too! Hugs. ~Juli

  4. I love how you take it all in. I always feel like I'm on the fast track. It's already the 6th and in one more week we will be off to see the Grandkids once we are back, its Thanksgiving and the next thing I know Christmas. I need to learn to slow down and approach life like you do!
    Happy Fall!!

  5. November is one of my favorite months. I love the colors and smells and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

  6. I love your saying "quiet calm anticipation". That's exactly how I feel too ♥

  7. I admit to not loving November. It's probably my least favorite month. Too cold to go out much and not as much beauty as October. It's a month of go go go for me, but that's because I relish December and Advent and Christmas so my stillness comes then.

  8. Right now our November consists of extreme heat, no rain and bush fires. It's not been overly pleasant so far :( xx Susan

  9. I love how November is a time of anticipating and preparing. Don't like when it's often brown and uglier here unless we get snow though.

  10. Yes, I agree. November is a calm and peaceful month. Your holiday spice coffee sounds really good. Wishing you wonderful November days, Billie Jo.



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