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Hey there!
Hi! I'm Billie Jo, a wife to one and mother to four who loves all things home and family. During the day I homeschool, do laundry, and drink way excessive amounts of coffee. I would much rather read than exercise, and I am blessed to live the life I dreamed of.
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Wearing Dresses, New Hair, and Other Random Things

I am currently in a new phase of ditching the leggings, jeans, and t-shirts for dresses. Not exclusively, of course. I am, however, enjoying wearing casual dresses more often than not. They are so much more comfortable! And, I feel more put together when I wear a flowy, comfy dress. I like to imagine I am Mrs. Cleaver heading off to the grocer. Totally dating myself, I know.

In addition to wearing dresses out, I am also finding myself donning what is referred to as a housedress! Yep. Remember when you were young, and that one old lady in your neighborhood wore a dress that looked like a housecoat out to get her mail? That's me! I realized that if I am home, I may as well be comfortable! I have a couple housedresses that I wear around and am loving them. I shower, put one on, and am ready for the day. Never say never, my friends.

I got my hair done this week and had my sweetest ever hairdresser snap a few pictures so I could send them to Madison. She gave me some summer highlights and trimmed the back a bit and I love it. Not that it will look like this again, because you know how that goes, but at least I have some documentation, right?

The remainder of my week was filled with laundry, a lunch out with my hubby, dinners on the deck, and my favorite summertime treat, the Chocolate Cake Shake from Dairy Queen!

Have a great weekend, my friends.
Thank you for visiting.
I so appreciate it!

June 29, 1991

Celebrating a whole bunch of happy years together this weekend!
Look at that. The older I get, the lighter my hair gets!


  1. Happy Anniversary!! I LOVE your wedding dress and all the poof and bows...seriously..I do!

  2. That dress is SO flattering on you! LOVE!!! I haven't worn a dress since my 20's.....I think next year is my year (where I'll feel up to trying them on again). Happy Anniversary!!!

  3. Loved everything about this post! Congratulations on celebrating your anniversary! Those are always such special times for us as I know they are for you and your man. Your wedding picture is just gorgeous! Love your gown!

  4. Happy Anniversary, wishing you many more happy years together.

  5. Love your dress and also want to find some housedresses! Spill the TEA - -where did you find your dress and housedresses? I wore dresses at Disney as it was way too hot there and they were so comfy! Happy Anniversary to you and hubs -- beautiful wedding photo! Love your hair! Happy weekend!

  6. I am loving the flowy dresses.. I had about 3 of them in my shopping bag from J Jill.. cool and comfy! and look nice too!

  7. Happy Anniversary! I have worn maxi dresses 2 times this past week and both times gotten compliments on them. They are not as dressy as ones I would wear to mass but still made me feel a little more put together. I need to wear dresses more often as they really are comfortable. Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  8. You were such a beautiful bride! And I love love love your new dresses phase - I bet you shop at Madisions! If I lived closer I would so be there buying all of my teaching clothes! Have a great weekend friend!

  9. That beautiful red hair. I love house dresses and everyday dresses and skirts also. I think they are cooler. I tried your daughters pie recipe and it was wonderful will make another this weekend.!

  10. Happy anniversary!What a lovely dress!

  11. I love dresses and wish more ladies wore them. Happy Anniversary and hope it is a great weekend.

  12. Happy Anniversary weekend! ENJOY! Your wedding photo is beautiful! I wear dresses too! Cooler than pants or shorts! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  13. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I love your new do and that dress is so pretty!

  14. Happy Anniversary! I love your hair and the fact that you are wearing dresses! They are so much more comfortable, light and airy. In Your wedding photo you really look like Madison, It's obvious where she gets her lovely looks from. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  15. Happy anniversary!! Totally lovely photo of your wedding! I have always loved little dresses. Sadly we live in ND where it stays cold for sooo long and even now we have cool days. That food looks awesome! Never had Chocolate Cake Shake from Dairy Queen, will remember that for when I can get a shake! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  16. Happy Anniversary! Pretty hair... and I have several house dresses as well. It's been a while since I have worn them though. Thanks for reminding me to get them out!

  17. Happy Anniversary to you and Steve! May you be blessed with so many more!

    I hear you with the dresses. A few years ago, one could find me all the time in skirts or dresses because like you said, "I feel so put together". Yes! And feminine. I love to feel feminine! I need to find a couple of housecoats for after the pool. I just hate to get dressed afterward if I don't have time to shower and put on my pj's.

  18. Oh, I just loved this post dearie! I started wearing dresses a few years ago, and now I wear them almost exclusively, well tops and skirts, too. They ARE so much more comfortable than jeans. At least I think so.

    You took wonderful photos. Your new hairstyle looks so classy. Embrace Mrs. Cleaver! I think I am going to try to add a couple new dresses for fall. I didn't shop during my cancer treatments and recovery, and just this morning my husband mentioned that my clothes are getting a bit frumpy. Not the impression I want to make!

    Happy anniversary!

    Oh, you're not hearing from me much because my husband has not been able to get my old computer to connect to the internet yet. I'm borrowing his this afternoon while he takes a well deserved nap.

    Be blessed dear friend,
    I hope to be back in the loop soon and share some photos of my new place...even though I've not decorated yet.

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  19. Happy Anniversary to you and hubby! I love your new 'do' and the dress is lovely. I told myself last summer that I was going to start wearing dresses again but it never seemed to happen. I love them and don't think I even have one lurking in the wardrobe. You inspire me to make the change. xx Susan

  20. Yes, dresses are so much more flattering to a woman's figure than pants and because of that they make me feel so much prettier! I love your dress, so colorful and beautiful and your hair is so chic!
    Happy Anniversary!

  21. Awww..You were a beautiful bride. Guess what! I wear dresses ALL the time...seriously. I wear a dress to work every day of life and even schlep around on them often on the weekends. I think you look beautiful and I LOVE the new haircut. I am thinking of going a bit shorter, too.
    Have a blessed Sunday- xo Diana

  22. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful dress. Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!

  23. Happy anniversary and many more!!! I absolutely love your dress!! Where did you get it? Beautiful hair as well. :-) Hope you have a wonderful week!


  24. I'm with you and love dresses - and especially skirts in the summer. Even a nice flowy skirt with a t-shirt...summer perfection. That dress your wearing is beautiful! And your hair looks gorgeous!!
    Happy Anniversary Sweetie! 🎈 🎉 ❤️

  25. I love your flowery dress so much! Happy anniversary to you both!
    I remember my Grandma wearing a house dress-I think she called it 'a shift'? I'm all for it as long as you don't have two big pockets on yours; one for your remote and one for your ciggies. :)
    Oh, LOVE your summer hair too!


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