May 3, 2019

May Days

Some mornings I lace up my sneakers, grab my earbuds, and head out for a walk before anyone else is awake. And some mornings, I stumble to the kitchen, make a cup of coffee, and snuggle back in bed.

My girl and I have been working all year toward her very special event taking place this weekend. My baby is receiving her First Communion, and she is so excited! Family and friends will celebrate her special day with us.

And finally, My Madison and her Nicolas are returning home after spending time in their beloved Copenhagen, Denmark. They enjoyed time with family and friends there and had an amazing time in that beautiful part of their world.

Have a wonderful spring weekend, my friends!
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  1. I just love your photos, they evoke such a cozy feel. Congratulations to your little one as she receives her first communion. Have a cozy weekend my friend. Hugs to you. ~Juli

  2. What an exciting weekend ahead. I will say a prayer especially for Flynn! It's first communion at our parish this weekend as well. Aren't these first glimpses of spring so wonderful?

  3. I am so blessed at Flynn's excitement over her First Communion. Such a blessing...and I know the time will be even more special with family and friends to share in the joy.

    I know you will be happy to have Madison and Nicolas back on this side of the world again. I am so excited for her and her new bridal store adventure! Just simply wonderful!

    Hugs to you sweet friend. xo

  4. That is a lovely place to walk! Congratulations to Flynn on her first communion! I know your family and friends celebrated her well. Welcome home to Madison and Nicolas! I love that photo of you and Flynn. So much love expressed there!

  5. Lovely place for walk !! I miss coffee, not much since blood pressure issues. Ohh first communion is a sweet time! Sounds like a great trip your daughter and husband took. Have a wonderful month of May.

  6. Congratulations to Flynn!

  7. I love flight tracker when friends or family are travelling! What a lovely spot for a morning walk and congratulations to Flynn. xx Susan

  8. Lovely photos!
    Congratulations to Flynn that is an exciting time!
    How wonderful it will be to see Madison and her new hubby such exciting times with them as well.
    Take care my friend and enjoy your mornings Whether it be walking or snuggling up in bed.

  9. Lovely photos! Congratulations Flynn, how exciting :-) Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.


  10. Congratulations on first communion!
    Love this post.
    You know how to live life in a beautiful way.
    I'm moving to a new house in town. I'm excited.
    It's so much nicer than my current house.
    Be blessed,

  11. Peaceful views, a cup of hot coffee, and a good book... looks like the perfect way to start the day. Enjoy!


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