May 28, 2019

KFC And A Super Simple Dessert

When you live far from one of your favorite fast food places, and your daughter and her new husband are conveniently driving past one on their way home from a weekend getaway, you may be tempted to have them bring some home for you. This is even more possible if you spend a great deal of the day working outside getting your deck ready for summer. And you are too lazy tired to cook.

Peyton did, however, put together an amazing frozen dessert for us to enjoy while watching The Bachelorette. 

Look at that. I even took a picture of the recipe for you.
I'm nice like that.

Have a great week, my friends!
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  1. Totally wishing you hadn't put the recipe there for me the temptation is too great. Very soon I will be heading out to the know the rest.

  2. A yummy dinner ending with a delicious dessert that I can't wait to try!!! Sounds like you enjoyed a perfect holiday weekend! The weather couldn't have been better! Hope all is well, my friend! Can't wait to talk to you soon! xo
    PS Is it just me or are KFC biscuits the best biscuits in the universe?! :)

  3. The dessert looks yummy and thanks for the recipe! We had KFC last week for the first time in quite a few years. I'm sorry that we were not impressed with what we got. I know each franchise is probably a little different, but we were disappointed in what we got. Popeye's is better in our end of town.

  4. Dessert looks amazing and sounds easy! I haven't had KFC in years. My Dad loved the original recipe chicken while my Mom hated it. When I was a little kid, my Dad would get chicken for just the two of us and take me for a picnic in the park.

  5. Oh I love an easy Summer dessert and this one looks so perfect! Pinning for later :) Can you believe Summer is already here??? Can't wait to see some pictures of your deck all ready for Summertime

  6. You ARE so nice!! I think this is a perfectly acceptable and NON lazy dinner and dessert. How fun!

  7. I love KFC and might just have to get some soon:) That dessert sounds delicious, cool and refreshing! I am copying it. Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!


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