26 April 2019

Life Lately

Blooming trees in the yard~Hula hoops and jump ropes on the driveway~Morning snuggles with puppies and coffee~
Playing new games~And taking selfies at the movies

Life is good.
Have a great weekend, my friends.

~The game is called Orangutwang, and it is so cute!
~The movie was Avengers Endgame. Enough said!


  1. If I type this in a hurry I can say, "Good morning, my sweet friend". :) Your pictures are outstanding, as always. Loved seeing the jump rope and hula hoop in the driveway! Brings back memories and also lets me know that you have been enjoying some beautiful weather like we have. Loved the selfies! Have a wonderful wonderful weekend!

  2. I remember those days of hoola hoops in the driveway! Great photos of a wonderful life!

  3. Good times!! Great weather!! Sweet photos with daughters! So many things to be thankful and you all look lovely!!!

  4. (((Big smiles)))--it has been so nice here; the trees and flowers have blooms/budding...now, today, its snowing, snowing on the last day of April, sigh.

  5. Looks like a great life! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  6. I love this post! Hooray for spring! So glad that things are going well for you!

  7. Lovely pictures.... have a great Sunday!

  8. Looks perfectly cozy with a bit of Spring thrown in!

  9. Catching up and love to see what you're up to as always ;) That game looks adorable! And I want to see that movie. I actually caught up and watched the 2nd Avengers movie over the weekend at home. Blessings xo


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