April 18, 2019

Easter Traditions

Traditions are what tie the pieces of our lives together.
They are the moments we give our children so they may carry a piece of childhood with them forever. 


  1. Love the cake and love traditions....enjoy this time of the year.

  2. Egg dyeing is one of my favorites, I always did this with my mama growing up and this year she joined my children and I to dye eggs. It was so extra special because she was so very sick from Halloween through the New Year. She is doing much better but still has some obstacles to overcome. We Praise God that she is here with us to do these traditions.

    1. Hope,
      I am so happy your mom is feeling better!
      Prayers for her continued good health.
      Happy Easter!

  3. I love that bunny cake! We haven't done our eggs yet, we are doing them on Saturday!

  4. Oh I love your words at the end..."they are the moments we give our children so they may carry a piece of childhood with them forever." I love the traditions you've made with yours...and I love Peyton's bunny cake! May you have a blessed Easter, my friend. xx

  5. I so agree with you! Happy Easter to you all. Praising God for so many blessings and especially for the gift of His Son Who died for our sins.

  6. I love your traditions! I used to make a bunny cake like that when I was growing up. My baby brother even requested that I make him one for his birthday one year and I happily obliged. :) This year we will be going out for an Easter Egg Hung and BBQ at my son Chris' home and the rest of the family that lives near us will be there too. Happy Easter!

  7. Love this post! Just gets me in the mood for Easter. ;) xoxo

  8. We have made that bunny cake many times! Not this year though, nor did we dye eggs for the first time in 14 years.


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