April 1, 2019

Barbie World Guest Post By Flynn

Hi! This post is brought to you by Barbie You Can Be Anything and Afternoon Coffee and Evening Tea and my mommy. This is a blog post I made about my Barbies and their whole world.

My Barbies are listening to their favorite song when they are VERY lost...

Meanwhile, back at home...

Wait! You don't even know my Barbies. Let me show them to you.

My Superheroes

The Royals

The Normals...plus a Halloween Witch

The Monster High Girls and sadly I don't have Cleo de Nile.

When you find your way back home and you have a BIG PARTY!!!!!!

I love my Barbies! 
Thank you, Mommy, and all of you reading my first post.
And thank you Barbies.
Until next time,

Flynn and Mommy
P.S. All photos by Flynn


  1. Thanks for introducing us to your Barbies, Flynn! They look like they have a lot of fun together! I especially liked the picture where the dog is hanging out with them too! :) You should write on your mom's blog once a week- SO fun hearing from you! :)

  2. That certainly is a lot of barbies! I can only imagine the fun they all have together! Thanks for sharing! Annster's Domain

  3. WOW, now that's a lot of Barbies for sure. I know you have fun playing with them.

  4. Those barbies seems to have a lot of fun!!

  5. So sweet.. I to had so many Barbies growing up.. as well as My Little Ponies.


  6. Flynn, thank you for this nice post. My little girl loves to play with Barbies too! We have the same Rapunzel even. I will show her this post and she will think it's very fun!

  7. Thank you for such an interesting post Flynn. The Barbies sound like a lot of fun and I am always happy to Party. Have a great day.

  8. I think we have a true blogger in the making here! GREAT job, Flynn! I enjoyed meeting your Barbies.

  9. I have never seen so many Barbies all in one place before!! Wow!! What fun you have with your Barbie Dolls!! Thanks for introducing us, Flynn!! I enjoyed your post very much!

  10. Thank you for the peek into your Barbie world! Great job on the photos. Really enjoyed reading about all of them.

  11. I loved your post Flynn! I used to play with my Barbies when I was a little girl like you. How neat of you to share with all of us! Hugs to you honey. ~Juli

  12. That is a world of Barbies you have there!! Thank you for sharing their adventures with us!
    It's fun to see you blogging Flynn :)

  13. Lots of cute Barbies! I totally enjoyed the pictures and the story! Great job Flynn on the post! HUGS!

  14. Tell Flynn that my Hadley said, "Wow! She has pretty Barbie dolls! I wish I could play with her!" And that Hadley LOVES her Monster High doll collection :) There is a cartoon series for them, which I am sure you know ;) Also, I wanted to tell you! I discovered this tv series on Prime! And watched them all SOOOOO good!! It's called Just Add Magic!! My kids loved it to very much and I thought of you and your family as I got into it just because I know you love your tv shows and if you love Halloweentown, which I am pretty sure you do, then you will love this tv series! Thank you Flynn for such a fun post that I was able to read along with my kiddies!!

  15. Flynn, sometimes I'd like to get lost and then come home to a big party, too!! hahaha. Thank you for sharing your world of Barbies with us :)

  16. Hi Flynn!

    I loved my Barbie's when I was your age too, and your's are so beautiful, I love that you named them! Thank you for sharing with us, your blog post was perfect!

    Hugs and Love,

  17. Wow Flynn, your Barbies look like they have so much fun, even when they are lost. I love the Royal Barbies and especially Barbie's dog. Thank you for sharing with us. xx Susan

  18. Thank you for sharing, Flynn. I enjoyed your post and love barbies myself.

  19. Dear Flynn, thank you for sharing your Barbies, you have a lot of beautiful friends spend time with.
    I too love barbies!
    Your first blog was wonderful to read!
    Blessings, Sue

  20. Great job Flynn! What a fun post!! Barbies were my absolute favorite when I was young. I had a 3 floor Barbie apartment that had an elevator on a string so you could pull it and make the elevator go up an down. I had one Barbie that had hair down to her knees! I used to love to fix it and braid it and curl it.

    I sure appreciate you sharing your Barbies with us. They look like they have so much fun with you! Blessings to you sweet Girl xoxo

  21. Well done Flynn!!! I loved seeing your Barbie collection! I can see why you love them so much!! Awesome pictures too!! : - )

  22. What a fun post, Flynn!! I will have to show my girls your collection. They will love it. <3


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