March 11, 2019

And It's Monday Morning

Who knew that one hour could make so much difference? I swear yesterday was like the fastest day ever. Like Twilight Zone fast. And just like that, we start a brand new week. It is a quiet week around here. Work for some, school for others. The puppies have a date at the groomers, we are going to fish fry on Friday, and tonight and tomorrow night we get to see how Colton's journey to find love on The Bachelor ends!!! What a week!

This past weekend, we celebrated Nicolas' brother Jakob's birthday.
It isn't until April, but we won't be with him then, and you know how we are about celebrating around here! Fortunately, Jakob was kind enough to humor me and was a good sport. Plus, he LOVES the blueberry pie that Peyton makes.

Unfiltered selfie.
Because I want to be real around here as much as possible.
So you get me, post new hair cut and color.
And a smudge of lipstick on my face.
I asked my awesome hairdresser to give me a blunt cut and the bonus was ridding my hair of some dry, damaged ends.
Feels good.
PSA also.
Notice that awesome mark on the bridge of my nose?
I could not for the life of me understand why my glasses suddenly began leaving a painful mark on my nose. Was my nose swelling?? Did I have sinus issues? Was it yet another side effect of perimenopause? Because what isn't?
Well, Friday morning I had my annual eye doctor appointment.
I took off my glasses, and the nice lady immediately took one look at me and told me my glasses needed adjusting. She took them, twisted them around, wiped them off, and just like that, they fit perfectly! Lesson learned.

A few truths to start the week.
Thanks, Pinterest.

And a look at the reason we turned those clocks ahead.
Six in the evening.
I guess I won't complain too much.

Have a nice day, and a good week, my friends.
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  1. You just reminded me how bad I need my glasses adjusted!!! My nose pads are killing me! Have a great day! Annster's Domain

  2. I had to laugh about the cucumbers!! That pie looks yummy!! You look lovely! It's a nice feeling when we get a hair cut. Have a wonderful week!!

  3. Isn't it amazing the difference an hour makes in our lives! I am try to recuperate from the flu and somehow between going to bed at one time on Saturday night and waking up yesterday morning to another made my body say, "What is going on here?"

    Glad that you were able to celebrate Jakob's birthday while he was with you and I really like your new hair cut. Very cute on you and aren't eye doctors wonderful? Our daughter works for one and it is amazing how she can adjust our eye glasses without us even having to go to the office. :)

  4. I know Jakob enjoyed his early birthday at your home...who wouldnt! Love your new hair cut...fits you to a 't'. It does take time to get used to the new time for sure. Glad you got your glasses adjusted to end the place on your nose. Happy Monday!

  5. I think birthdays are meant to be celebrated by those we love and Y'all certainly love Jakob! He will remember his early birthday party when his actual day comes around! The pie looks yummy!! You look fabulous. Glasses that fit are the best!

  6. Hello Dearest! Catching up on your posts on this beautiful sunny day. ;)

    Happy bday to Jakob (and that pie is making me drool)!! Love that selfie you gorgeous goddess of Mama! ;) Your glasses story made me Lol So happy you got to the bottom of that issue. And I love your pinterest inspirations - especially about adult injuries vs kids. I relate WAY too well. Lol!

    And loving the lighter at night too. Especially with frozen snow banks all around. At least the light brings extra energy and happy at the end of the day.
    Blessings on your week ahead. xoxo

  7. You are beautiful!!! Love how you always keep it real. <3

  8. Oh my gosh, those Pinterest quotes. So true. I love that you never need a reason to celebrate. Today is National Napping Day. (Really!) I hope you were able to celebrate that one!

  9. I've spent too much time scrolling through quotes on Pinterest! I love the extra light we get in the evening after Daylight Saving, but boy it takes quite a few days for my body to adjust!

  10. I love your hair, it looks great! Perfect quotes by the way and totally relatable. xx Susan

  11. I too suffer from thinking everyone else my age looks super old! I guess I'm just used to looking at my old face and am used to all the aging! :)

  12. Keeping it real is always a blessing. Love the quotes. What fun to have an early celebration.

  13. I think you look beautiful! Peyton's pie looks so yummy! As tired as I've been with the time change, it is nice having it stay light longer. I hope your week goes well. Hugs to you my friend. ~Juli


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