January 14, 2019

What We Are Watching

One way to beat the ~Christmas Is Over For Another Year~ blues is to snuggle in and enjoy all the new television shows that start in January. Here is a peek at what we are watching during these cold winter evenings. 

We love any Food Network Baking Competition, and this is one of our favorites. 
Mondays on Food Network

This is a brand new show, and I have to say, I was a bit skeptical at first.
After the first few minutes, however, we were hooked!
Famous people sing in front of an audience and celebrity judges but are completely disguised in elaborate costumes. It is so fun to try to guess who is the Masked Singer!
Wednesdays on Fox

Just when we thought this show could not get any better, it comes back with a championship season!
So many of our favorites are back.
And Howie? What could be better?
Mondays on NBC

We often pick a classic old show and watch an episode or two a day together.
This is our current favorite!
We are really enjoying this science fiction trip back in time.
DVD or Netflix

Put the kids to bed for this one.
And don't take it too seriously!
It is fun and sometimes obnoxious, but who doesn't want to root for someone to find love?
Mondays on ABC

What am I missing, my friends?
What are you watching?
Do tell!

Happy Monday!
Google for the images. : )


  1. It's certainly good TV watching weather right now. My husband wasn't a big fan of The Masked Singer (worked out since it's against one of my favorites, SEAL team, no fight over who gets to watch TV in the living room, LOL). I love God Friended Me on Sunday nights, a true "feel good" kind of series. Checking out a classic series is a great idea. Hope your week is off to a great start!

  2. We've been watching Desperate Housewives! So ridiculous but we are actually loving it and I am happy we are coming to the show after it's all over so if the episode is too cliff-hanger-y we can just keep going. And The Bachelor. I actually really like Colton, I know he wasn't the people's favorite to be the next guy but I like him.

  3. I love the Kids Baking Competition...and I really really like Valerie. Her recipes are always SO good and it is easy to tell that she loves cooking and baking.

    We don't really watch that much television, but we enjoy lots of DVD's. :)

  4. I'm sorry to say we aren't watching any of those shows, but we don't have kiddos at home either. Joe is a bit finicky about TV shows and does not enjoy the singing or dancing shows, OR the reality shows like the Bachelor. The shows we enjoy are probably not on your list either! LOL I have caught the kids baking show a few times and enjoyed it.

  5. "Victoria" started up again last night on PBS so I am watching it. Other than that and Michigan State (and Big Ten) basketball? Absolutely nothing.

  6. Billie Jo, I'm not much of a TV gal, but I do have favorites. I love that Victoria season 3 began last night. I also love British TV. Call the Midwife is my absolute favorite and I do love The Great British Bake Off shows as well as Father Brown. Enjoy your new week. ♥

  7. The kids are watching kids shows or movies on Netflix. I rarely watch tv shows but I do love my sport. The Australian Open tennis tournament started yesterday and there's plenty of cricket so I'm happy. Enjoy your week. xx Susan

  8. The next season of Victoria was on last night.. I love how they play the previous season to catch everyone up... but season I think is it 3 jumps way ahead... Victoria is pregnant with like child 6 or more.. which is scary, because I think she only had 9 children before her Prince Albert kicked the bucket!!! I do love this period drama...

  9. When Calls the Heart ... swoon

  10. Oh Billie Jo, my soul sista!! We started watching Masked singer and I too was skeptical but really like it. America's Got Talent is sooo good, man everyone is on the top of their game I don't know how they can even be judged, they are all amazingly talented. What can I say about the bachelor except for its the most dramatic season ever haha. Funny you mentioned the Twilight Zone, we watched it during New Years Eve. They had a marathon and I do love that ol favorite. We are Victoria fans as well along with a new favorite, Poldark. If you haven't started watching it, you should its really good!!
    Stay cozy and warm, it's cold outside!!

  11. Hi Billie Jo!

    I love your watch list! It seems like my life has been so busy, I haven't had much time to watch TV! I do love AGT, but haven't been watching the championships! I think the last real show I watched was, Wonders of the World on Netflix...I don't live a very exciting life... :0)

    Hugs and Love,

  12. I must look for the Twilight Zone and watch those again! Still watching a lot of HGTV and the Hallmark winter movies! :) Enjoy!

  13. I am so with you on all of these shows! But I haven't seen the masked singer yet. Need to check that out! My new favorite this season is New Amsterdam.
    Have a blessed week ahead beautiful Billie Jo xoxo

  14. We aren't watching anything you're watching- ha!! :) We are hooked on medical dramas (The Good Doctor, Chicago Med, The Resident), and we are finally getting around to Downton Abbey!! Binging that one at night! :)

  15. I caught The Masked Singer last night and it seems dumb but somehow interesting at the same time!


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