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Hey there!
Hi! I'm Billie Jo, a wife to one and mother to four who loves all things home and family. During the day I homeschool, do laundry, and drink way excessive amounts of coffee. I would much rather read than exercise, and I am blessed to live the life I dreamed of.
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How To Do A Snowstorm

Early in the morning, put some soup in the crockpot and let it simmer all day.
Bake a simple but yummy dessert to have on hand for random snacking.
Enjoy an easy but delicious dinner of soup and bread, while gathered around the table.
Then grab some comfy throws, light a fire, and pick a movie.
Or grab your current book, and snuggle in.
And awake the following morning to a world covered in white.

 Of course, additional steps such as gathering batteries, flashlights, and other supplies are necessary. Just not as cozy,   : )


  1. I like your 'cozy' but know the batteries, etc. are a necessity as well. Stay warm.

  2. Looks like the perfect way to enjoy a snowstorm:) Have a blessed and peaceful day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. There are worse ways to have to hunker down for the day. Stay safe and cosy. X

  4. Perfection! We did something similar but for us it was a nice big pot of chili and homemade cupcakes! LOL

  5. Love your cosy, what a wonderful way to spend the day.

  6. Lovely post! We are having a snowy day here too - up to 8 inches expected by day's end. I am so glad that hubby and I are off work today - for MLK Day, but we will no doubt be out shoveling snow soon. Have a cozy day!

  7. Wonderful tips for the perfect winter's day!

  8. Looks super cozy! Hope you stay safe & warm and enjoy your week ahead!

  9. Hi Billie Jo~

    I like the way you think! We don't have a storm brewing, although we did get a little snow overnight, and it's cold...the soup looks delightful!! Stay safe!

    Hugs and Love,

  10. That is precisely my idea of a perfect snow day!

  11. Great ideas . ..we ended up with 2 feet of snow and today it is -23*. Smiles.😊

  12. Sounds a lot like our days around here the last couple of days...I cozied up with a nice warm afghan and watched several Christy DVDs. Especially loved the hot cocoa. :)

  13. Sounds perfect to me. I sure wish we'd get more than a dusting of snow!
    Cocoa is a must as well as a pot of soup.
    Now we can snuggle on the new-to-us couch. I really must take a photo and show you!

  14. Perfect....no snow here in my part of Texas but a cold wind is blowin' and I have Pecan pie....

  15. What a perfect snowstorm. It's beautiful! We had a little dusting this weekend and everyone got excited. No bread, milk or eggs in the stores. DOT dumping rock ice. Crazy how crazy things get when someone mentions snow in the south.

  16. Winter wonderland and cozy inside perfection. You're speakin my language Lady. ;)


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