When I was young, I dreamed of being a wife and mother. I am blessed to live that dream every single day along with my husband Steve, our four children, one son-in-law and two precious pups.
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    Grab your apron and follow along. We love to bake around here!
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    Perhaps my favorite thing to write about. Mothering is my vocation. A dream come true.
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Hey there!
Hi! I'm Billie Jo, a wife to one and mother to four who loves all things home and family. During the day I homeschool, do laundry, and drink way excessive amounts of coffee. I would much rather read than exercise, and I am blessed to live the life I dreamed of.
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Cozy December Days In Our Home

What are you doing in your home these days?
I'd love to hear.
Thanks for visiting!


  1. We are enjoying the decorations, the cozy fireplace and each other.

  2. So pretty friend. We are currently chasing a new puppy everywhere! LOL

  3. Your home and the activities taking place there definitely spell c.o.z.y. I loved seeing the decorated cookies...someone has talent. But, really, all of the pictures are beautiful...especially the last one (because YOU are in it). xx

  4. I don't need Pinterest- I only need to sit with your blog for awhile to get ideas for decorating, baking, and celebrating this Christmas season- today I caught up with your last few blogs (I hate getting behind!!),and now I just want to stay home from work and bake all day! :) Peyton is amazing in the kitchen! I am savoring every day of this season, as you are- it's so magical and beautiful! Now, if it would only snow instead of being 55 degrees around here!

  5. Same as you my friend....cookies and mugs of hot tea, crossing off the days until Christmas! Your home looks cozy and lovely as always. Wish I was there! xo

  6. I just finished the semester last Thursday...most of the decorations etc. We're done by the guys...anyways, I've been baking and getting meals prepped for this week.

    I hope you have a lovely Christmas my friend.

  7. Ha! This is the first time I've clicked here in a looooong time - love this post. I need to get 23 little ones through Friday and then I'll be in my December home. Just 2 more days of school !

  8. Late this year with decorating the tree and wrapping. If you don't mind sharing??? Where did you get the adorable little people in red sweaters.

    Hope to do some baking later today.

    Merry Christmas, Janie

    1. Hello!
      My daughter Madison brought them to me from Denmark.
      They are little elves they have there. : )
      Merry Christmas!

  9. Let's see... lots of cooking/baking, drinking lots of tea and coffee, watching Christmas movies every chance I get, and just enjoying all the lights and my Christmas decorations. I love your reindeer mug!

  10. I've been mixing dough, and making fudge, and doing extra cleaning. We have a house full of family coming on Sunday to stay over the holiday.
    Your tree is beautiful. Everything looks lovely in your home and I must say Delicious, too! ♥

  11. Your home does indeed look cozy and warm!! Just as a home full of children and loved ones should look!! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Your home looks so cozy and inviting! My home is currently a bit of a disaster but my son's had friends over the last two nights and I did manage to make some fudge last night. Our big pre-Christmas clean up is scheduled for this weekend. The family just doesn't know it yet, LOL! Happy Early Christmas!

  13. We are....Baking... wrapping... listening to Christmas music!

  14. Baking! I've already made six loaves of bread which I gave out to the neighbors along with some homemade peach jam from this summer. I'm in the process of another batch of bread, which makes three loaves. My house smells like a bread factory haha. Your home looks so warm and cozy and I would sure love those cookies your daughter baked, she is a master cookie baker for sure!!

  15. Dear friend Billie Jo,
    I am knitting yet another hat for one of my sons. I've been writing Christmas cards for shut-ins at church. I need to finish my cards today or tomorrow! They may be late. I received your card a few days ago. Thank you so very much! Love to you all! Wink

  16. I've got to get the little ones together for our Christmas Cookie cutting and decorating. We tried our hand at putting together a gingerbread house and it fell, put it backtogether and it fell again. We decided to decorate it and eat it! No house!


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