November 9, 2018


Welcome to the weekend, my friends. This promises to be our first cold and possibly snowy weekend! Just in time for the cozy, dark, early evenings. It is time to fluff those cushions, pull out the soft throws, pop the popcorn, and get out the games. Cozy nights at home are back. : )

Someone helped us clean up the yard this week.

And someone was busy inside with her birthday/Christmas wish list!
I love the innocence and excitement of childhood, don't you?

But grown children are pretty awesome too.
My girls were happy to cast their votes this week.
Peyton was thrilled she was old enough to vote for the very first time.

And me?
I am happiest when I am home with all my children, big and little, safe and sound with my afternoon coffee and pumpkin muffin. 

Have a cozy, happy weekend!!!
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  1. Yep, it snowed here last night. It's the perfect weekend to not do anything! Enjoy it friend.

  2. It is finally Fall here also, leaves are pretty and all over the yard.

  3. Raining here. Snow sounds lovely, but here it would mean the entire town would shut down. Love Flynn's list, so precious.

  4. Have a fabulous weekend! It's raining here right now but should be clear the rest of the weekend and cold.

  5. Oh deer:) Look at that little helper! Sweet pictures, love that list. Children are adorable at all ages! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  6. Your Flynn is adorable -- loved the American Girl doll years! Your big girls are stunning!! Hope you have a fabulous cozy weekend!

  7. Enjoyed reading your post. We had snow yesterday! Started at noon yesterday and was still going this morning a bit. Ended up with about an inch but gone by noon today (except on a few bushes and treetops). The cold comes tonight and tomorrow, pizza delivery man is on his way here. Hope you have a happy, cozy weekend!

  8. Makes me want to visit for a weekend of coziness and share the fun with all of you! Great post!

  9. I love a kids wish list! So simple and fun to look back at the fun goodies they want year after year. It's the best time of the year, I know you're enjoying it to the fullest my friend :)

  10. Enjoy your cozy weekend. It's not as hot here as it was earlier in the week but I've still just put the air conditioning on! xx Susan

  11. Hi Billie JO~

    Your cozy autumn post is beautiful! I love that the leafs are still on the trees. Ours have all blown away. Being with family is always the very best way to live, yours is just perfect!

    Have a wonderful week-end!

    Hugs and Love,

  12. You paint a cosy picture with your words, it would be so nice to join you.

  13. It's snowing here in western NY, Billie Jo. I am thrilled that Peyton got to vote, smiles. Have a beautiful day friend.

  14. It's pretty cold here in the South! It was in the 30s the past few days. It would be nice if we would see some snow again, but it isn't likely to happen.

  15. Your trees are sooo tall and pretty! We live in a new development so we don't have any mature trees. Boo hooo!

    I agree! The big kid stage is pretty amazing too!

    Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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