October 12, 2018


Welcome to the weekend, friends. While here we are enjoying the beautiful autumn days, our thoughts and prayers are with those devastated by the hurricane earlier in the week. I hope you are safe and sound and looking forward to a cozy autumn weekend. 

Last weekend, my beautiful mother visited with us...

And I took her for a Jeep ride to look at the newly changing leaves.

Before we took her home, we enjoyed a festive fall brunch complete with scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, fresh fruit, and pumpkin cinnamon rolls, compliments of that cute little doughboy.

Peyton made a cute and delicious Halloween treat for us this week.
Instant pudding in tiny graham cracker pie shells topped with whipped cream.
And Halloween sprinkles, of course.

In preparation for the new Halloween movie coming out NEXT WEEK!!!!!,
Michael and I took a ride around the lake.

And they did not disappoint.

 Air becoming crisper~

Leaves fluttering to the ground~

Nature painting the skies~

Pumpkins and cornstalks adorning front porches~

Smoke rising from chimneys~



Enjoy, my friends!


  1. So nice you had time with your Mother. The brunch food looked so good and love the little chocolate pies. The skies are beautiful and everything seems like fall and is cozy in your world.

  2. Such a cozy post. I love that your mother came and had such a good time. And all that delicious food? It's perfection my friend! Enjoy your weekend.

  3. So pretty there! Love all the special treats Peyton makes for you all! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Where did you get the Michael doll? Love that for Halloween! The pictures as always are wonderful.

    1. Hello!
      My best friend Marian got Michael for me!
      I think she said she found him on the internet somewhere. : )

  5. Hi Billie Jo~

    Lovely post! The changing of the leaves, your mom visiting, brunch with pumpkin cinnamon rolls, a drive around the lake...what could be better than that?!

    Enjoy your week-end!

    Hugs and Love,

  6. Lovely photos and your mom IS beautiful!! What a blessing for you all to have that time together to enjoy each other, good food, and God's glory!

  7. What a cozy post! You are so lucky to live close to your lovely mother, what a gift. Happy Friday my friend! Hugs. ~Juli

  8. Enjoyed your post. I find that cute little dough-boy to be quite helpful. The Michael doll cracked me up, though I don't do scary. I'm a chicken! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Beautiful photos...fall has finally arrived here in western NY, the high was only 46* today. smiles

  10. Some beautiful photos of the sky, the leaves, the tasty looking food and you and your lovely mom. How precious just to spend time with mom looking at nature and eating good food. xx

  11. Those skies and leaves are a delight. Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. I'm going to be so embarrassed if I posted 100 comments to this post. That's how much I love your blog. Haha.
    Yeah its finally feeling like fall! I love seeing you and your mom - looks like you had a great day! (Btw. Jeep girls rule!)

    About those pumpkin shells on the other post that my comment didn't show up, they scare me - but I really want to try them! I think I can switch up the recipe to make it vegan for my daughter - she would love it!!!
    Have a great weekend!!!!

  13. So awesome to have your pretty mom with you for awhile. Yes, Autumn is finally here...it's rainy, cloudy and wonderful out here in West Texas.

  14. What gorgeous photos, and brunch looks amazing. I'm glad your mum had a lovely visit with you. It's all looking very pretty and sounding cosy with you. Have a good Sunday Billie Jo. CJ xx

  15. I'm usually not a big fan of autumn but this year for some reason, I'm really loving it! That breakfast looks so delicious!

  16. I know!!! Don't you just love this time of year. I'm getting excited! The perfect time to be blogging again.

  17. That's wonderful your mom go a chance to visit.
    The Micheal doll would so creep me out.. lol.


  18. I think you might be the coolest person I know! That JEEP!!!!!
    Also, I really need to make cinnamon rolls, soon.


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